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The **** Cocktail..minus the ****!?!?!

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i'm sorry but this could give others here ideas for methods.i really hope youre friend is ok but none of us here are doctors so we wouldnt know if that would work or not.i hope it doesnt.maybe if youre friends ends up being ok he can make some friends here and we can help him through whatever is making him feel like doing this.


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we can help him through whatever is making him feel like doing this.
well, unfortunately..he really looks like hes got no hope. And if I was him, Id be just the same. The poor guy was sexually abused as a child and also neglect which is basically why he is like this today. Hes bi-polar, suicidal, antisocial, addict, depressed, and the list basically never ends. Worst part is hes married w/ 3 kids. Although he is a victim, he has done some very wrong things in the past which there is no excuse for. It really is a depressing example of how horrible child abuse is. and IMO, its worse than murder, b/c the poor kid has to live the rest of his F'ed up life w/ that always in the back of his mind..and the end result is suicide most of the time.


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I have a feeling I know what the blotted out portions are, that dreaded recipe has been around and no it won't work without, it will just do horrible damage that'd suck, anyway almost all the ingredients are nigh impossible to get as they are all heavily regulated and not allowed to general consumer. Even to get a couple of the needed you have to be a coorporation or photo developer manufacturer before people will sell you one of the components. Also the government has changed one of the medicinal components into a different formula which is suicide proof, so it will be incredibly hard to find the old medicine version and have it still be within shelf life.

I'm looking into buddhism to bring me inner peace, maybe throw yourself into something like that.
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