The contradictions of existence.

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    His parents taught him how to lie

    later they told him he mustn’t lie.

    They made him swear on a Bible

    but he didn’t care after the first time

    because he wasn’t struck dead

    His mother taught him it was OK to steal

    by stealing his savings book and then

    punished him when he stole

    and lied about doing so.

    His formative years were a contradiction

    a garden of confusion in which

    seeds were planted that took root

    deep within without the boy realising

    He was taught deceit and how to hide

    the truth if the truth didn’t fit or suit.

    He was a quick learner and then they despised

    him for all he had learned to do and he began

    to despise himself without knowing why.

    He became angry and learnt to fight

    he was told it’s wrong to fight

    then witnessed his father punch his mother

    Lessons in hypocrisy were so many

    he thought that maybe he’d been brought

    into the wrong family and that those that

    would want and love him would one day

    come and take him away…false hope

    or so he thought until his 43rd year.
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