• Hi - if you have tried to donate and found that it hasn't worked please can you hit me up in PM? (Freya) I am trying to figure out with paypal what the issue is and they are asking for more data. It doesn't seem to be affecting everyone. Thank you so much :)
  • Hi - It is possible that I have figured out part of the problem with the donations. I believe that if you try to use paypal balance or your debit/credit card that should work now. Bank transfer still seems glitchy. If you try with a card and it fails please can you let me know? Fingers crossed that part is resolved though. Thanks so much for the support - Freya

the craziness of life

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sometimes when im walkin around the grocery store or anywhere in public really. i wonder how many people feel the way i do. you can never tell. you never know who doesn't wanna live anymore. im 6'7" 280 and im sure people think im a strong person. maybe on the outside. but anyone can have emotional struggle. u dont have to be covered in black and standing in hot topic to have struggle(not insulting anyone). just saying. you never know.....treat everyone u see with love. they might need it. u just might save someones life


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Hi Glen...I agree with you...one never knows what is happening to someone...and yes, treating someone with kindness should be the standard, but unfortunately, many times we fail...here's to being more aware of that as you graciously reminded us...thanks, J
I think that often people are scared of big people, so maybe that can make it hard to connect?

I'm kinda short, so I think that some people are more likely to mess with me though. :(
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