The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Them!

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  1. Samara

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    Edit: It came to my attention that this might not even fit into this forum, because I actually don't personally feel like it's a crisis... though I did feel like I was in a crisis sitting all day worrying about this response team showing up... but otherwise it's more like the outside world feeling like I am in a crisis, and sending a crisis response team over.. Anyway, I really had no idea where else this thread belongs?? I looked at the other areas, and considering what is inside of this one, that went on today... I had no idea if it goes here or somewhere else instead?

    So just letting you know
    don't be too alarmed when you read this, because I personally don't feel... that it's such, but an outsider looking in might have felt like I was in a crisis, or needed help from a crisis response team.

    A family member gave me a sort of ultimatum last night, that I either choose to be taken to a mental institution to be seen, or have what is known as a "Crisis Response Team" show up and speak to me at home.

    I thought that I could go to the mental institution most of last night and today, and just entertain that, but I lost the motivation to even entertain that idea today... which meant that this family member banged on my door, and asked me to make a decision, and said if I don't come out they will get somebody in here to break the door down and make me come out. By somebody, they of course meant the police or crisis team.

    I ended up NOT coming out of my room... and assumed for most of the day today, that the crisis team would be arriving... and thought that this must be true, with how much the phone rang from random numbers... and the fact that this family member vacuumed the floor (tidying up), which is only ever really done when company is anticipated.

    I also called my family member "DUMB" through the door, but didn't really explain the context, because their comments to me about the above mentioned, are just so ignorant. Basically this family member actually believes that someone would come break the door down, or that the mental institution would come take me off their hands.

    What the family member doesn't know, is that it just doesn't work like that, and #2, I have actually called this mental institution before, to ask what they even could do, and they referred me to the local Emergency Department of any Medi-Center around the city. (I.E. they told me to just walk into an Emergency department, and ask to be seen by a psychologist, and that was basically what they said would be more relevant for me, and more local for me).

    Family, of course, has no idea that I have or had even called the mental hospital/institution that they were trying to get me to go to today (they had tried many times before to get me to go to one, and wanted very badly for me to be committed)... so I called in my recent past to inquire about voluntary commitment and basically that is really only accepted by the hospital when the intake patient is at a risk to either themselves or others, and suffers from a very severe psychological disorder... none of which is true for me.

    At any rate, I had before this point been going to work daily, so being consistent again, and getting praised by my bosses at work... but then decided one day that I did NOT want to go into work, this turned into 2.5 weeks of not coming out of my room. (obviously I would come out to do bodily functions, but this was strategically timed so that nobody was around, or awake when this happened).

    At any rate fam doesn't want me sitting in the room, and not coming out, and want to evict me yet again, and many other things... so they called the crisis team.

    The crisis team seemed to take forever to get here, because they just left the house now. It's 8 PM my time.

    When they arrived, I did not want to come out, and the cop threatened to knock the door down. I did come out, but aggressively, and mocked their statements, and corrected their poor understanding, as well as their poor use of the English language. But that's just me acting angrily...

    I did eventually calm down and answer their questions, because the Cop said that if they didn't feel like I was "OK", they might have to escalate the situation.

    I had my family member leave the room and go lock themselves elsewhere and I did talk. I explained my odd encounters with previous medical personnel and how that panned out each time. I explained a bit of how it feels to be me recently... and also in the recent past what I go through mentally and emotionally.

    I explained that I think I may be suffering from undiagnosed borderline personality disorder, and that I have a number to call to see somebody about assessing me, but have lost the ability to call them back in the past 2 weeks.

    I explained a few things, and they want to set me up with a sort of Group of Therapists, who will see me for about 3 weeks, maybe twice a week, and assess where they think I should go for more long term care.

    This apparently, IS free this time around, because I did ask... considering the last person I was set up with was charging $270-280 an hour (once a week)... which is draining for me, if I am working.

    So I guess I have to do that, though I was given a choice to call the other number I have for the referral I already tried setting up, or to do nothing, or to go ahead with their plan.

    But I was told if I don't call the people back who will try and reach me to set up an appointment to this "group of therapists", then the Crisis Response Team will return.

    I was a bit shaky for most of the interview thing, though I did say more than I normally would under such circumstances, which is a good thing... because usually I struggle to say anything at all. So.. at least I got some words out this time.

    Anyway, I am writing this as a thread, in case anybody wants to read it, but more because I originally spoke about the possibility of them coming over in chat, but then they took 9 hours to show up anyway from the time that I originally suspected they might have been called. Well this is for anyone who read that and was wondering the outcome.

    I guess I am hopefully going to get assessed and get more long term care then. I had the crisis team explain to my family member all the stuff, before they left; because I just don't have it in me to have that conversation either... and they didn't exactly disagree with me that this family member is rather ignorant about any of this stuff, or how it works... or that my mental health circumstances are not enough for a mental institution/mental health hospital to warrant my intake or to be able to assist me medically in.

    But yeah. Also, they were under the impression that I was suicidal... and mentioned my last attempt in 2011... which I reminded them was over a year and a half ago, and they kept saying it as if it was far more recent. But really... nothing for a year and a half since... by now that really is old news, honestly.

    They did ask about that too, but that's not what I am feeling now, or lately... not those kinds of things, and that's not what is keeping me in my room, or anything. I gather it was my family member who also assumed that must be what is going on, which I guess I should be like well at least they called somebody, but really they only called somebody because "I'm not going to sit in my room, and lay around all day... if that's what I want to do, I will have to find a new place to live" type of a thing. I guess I really see their reason for calling as being not quite for my help, but more in hopes that I can be taken off of their hands as this "burden".

    But that's just minor details anyway. I was given a card with their names on it, the constable that arrived (a guy) and the female nurse/person (maybe she was a psychologist, I don't even know). I recognized the cops name, and wondered if he maybe was one of the cops that came the night of my attempt too, but never asked him if he was.

    Anyway, that's about that...

    I guess I am feeling a bit positive about what might be in store for me, but anxious and mistrustful about my ability to execute it... I.E. call them back/answer the phone when they contact me to set up an appointment for this Team Therapist thing. Also it's good news that for once it's free.... and that it's a group of people I would be seeing short term, who would try and think of some kind of solution for long term mental health care/therapy for me, so at least it's not one persons' opinion, it's a few people now.

    I am worried though, about my job, and if I still have one. I have not heard otherwise, but if I go back again, they will just go nuts if I ask to take off 2+ days a week, or ask for time off during 2 days per week to miss work again, because of my mental health, after not showing up for 2.5 weeks again. I have a history of not showing up for prolonged periods. They know I have mental health issues, but they can't always justify my absences when they still need to get work done too as a company.
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  2. Sadeyes

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    This is so sad...unfortunately, when people cannot be helpful, often times, they do what they least you can get the care you need and hopefully move on
  3. Samara

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    Thanks Sadeyes... I don't feel as bad about it after, as I did just... during the waiting.... I waited 9 hours for them to arrive... because I knew like around 10am that they would be coming, so that feeling of anticipation was very bad.
  4. kote

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    im sorry you had to go through that.
    its events like that which make us feel worse just when we are doing better.
    but try and take the good from it and open up a network of people and resources that can be used when and if needed.

    i set up a similar network but never used it. maybe they have all forgotten about me but i know that if needed i can fall back and be helped at the worst time.

    you yourself can guage your own stability and what treatment is needed. group therapy or any therapy such as 1 to 1 is always good to let of steam and it shows you that you really arent an oddball just maybe not mentally 100% fit. i rate myself now at 10% and thats the best ive been in 6 years.

    youve been through a traumatic experience with all that unwanted attention. so for now try and rest and put it out of mind.

    anyway you have people you can trust here who will understand you and who do care.

    rest and if you feel aggitated or presured - try getting some valium. thats all i use now and it can take my mood from extremely manic to calm and peaceful.

    one last thing. try to self evaluate yourself and how you are doing. mental health is very difficult and can be triggered off by many things and can be very light or very dark. if after evaluating yourself you believe that some help whether from therapy or medication is warrented please seek it out. just be honest with yourself so you can be the best you for you!!!

    take care and i hope the drama has ended or at least calmed somewhat!!!
  5. Samara

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    Well, Neanderthal, the Lady nurse person asked me to self evaluate when she was here, and I told her what I thought was wrong with me, and she asked me to rate the level of how I feel most of the time, and how I feel today etc...

    I did mention that I do believe I might be in need of some kind of specific prescription aid this time around, for borderline personality disorder or bi polar disorder- whichever comes out to be the conclusion, by being assessed over time. Also, it's not group's a bunch of Therapists/Psychologists who are a group, that will individually work with me, but I will be seeing more than one person per week...

    I thought she was saying group therapy too, and I have done group therapy before, but was unable to speak about myself. When in group settings I mostly don't really talk about myself on a level that would discuss too much about my inner demons.

    Thankyou for responding, Neanderthal; at the moment I intend to take what was offered to me by the crisis response team, and see where that leads me.
  6. jimk

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    Samara, good luck with all of this..mean that sincerely to you..lately you seem to have been running in overdrive.. And sometimes stuck there..hope you just able to slow some.. Also able to get some sleep..

    Good luck opening to this team of psych pros..scary for sure and not knowing clearly where all of this going to go.. Hope your employer gives you some help and consideration with some breaks in there..

    Best wishes hon, a hug, Jim
  7. 41021

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    Thank you for letting us know how things went. I was deeply concerned. I was also deeply concerned as sometimes it seems like there is no connection...not much feeling...not much care about what happens one way or another, although obviously you were angry. Sometimes you don't express much, but you do concisely convey all the details and facts well...i can't seem to articulate what i mean...i get concerned when i can't see or pick up on any like "feel". Poorly expressing this, forgive me. I've not slept at all.
    ((gentle hug))

    If you can manage to make a call and get to appointments, seems there is good opportunity as there is no charge and you will have a team, and perhaps finally a working diagnosis with potential for treatments or medications as needed.

    If you want to do this and are having difficulty motivating, perhaps one thing you could do, is get the family member "lightly" involved. It might help them to feel a little better. They may feel like they are "helping", etc. I'm thinking it might be possible to let them know you wish to make an appointment within x number of days and perhaps they can remind you or even make the appointment. Could perhaps be involved in transportation etc. Not too much involvement just enough to feel they are "helping" and enough it helps you motivate or be accountable to someone. It's just a thought. Of course you have everyone here as well, who is willing to help out.

    I agree with Neander. One thing he has been teaching me over a span of time, is to rest. I am a slow student. It is ok to stop and rest. Even if we feel we are doing nothing, sometimes we still need rest. He explains it better and i have witnessed the results with him.

    Anyway, thank you for keeping us updated on the situation. ((hug))
  8. kote

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    Re: The "Crisis Response Team" Came To See Me At My House Today, B/C Family Called Th

    as jimk said we just wish you the best and you have been here helping many people who would have fallen without your time and effort. its not been wasted time. but try and figure out your limits as "we" can suck you dry. really a problem every minute and a heart as big as yours youd be none stop.
    but do as what feels natural. our bodies and even ( well in my case ) messed up minds have a way of directing us to what we really need.

    its evolution!!! we sort ourselves out wth a bit of med and support.
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