the cyclic of life

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  1. Oceans

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    the fact that this site exist makes me sad and frustrated that there are people who struggle and lack the proper support/care in their life. I think what has become of our world to have it reach this stage where we live individual lives to the point we only be ourselves online.
    Wouldn't this be a testament that we are fighting a losing battle?

    If we do get support in rl from the professionals, it is only temporary and its not real, just a fraulent relationship.

    We are basicly alone on this planet, we live in our thoughts, regardless of depression.

    Its not going to end. we come to life then we disappear and destroy our planet and hurt others in the process.
  2. fromthatshow

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    At least having this connection on the internet is something.
    And we don't have to come here just to destory other and hurt the planet.
    We can leave the world a better place if we choose :hug:
  3. darkplace

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    i dont think that we are here for a reason. We are just here. We live and then we die eventually one way or another. It is just the part inbetween that is hard to deal with. It would be so easy to quit. But yet we remain for a little longer.