The Dark Night of The Soul

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  1. Enter The Dark Night of The Soul
    It is said to be part of the path,
    that what was once shown become unknown,
    and the endless depths
    a release to falling,
    to be stripped of all
    but the inner calling;
    The purest of pleas
    which goes unheard
    The greatest of needs to be fulfilled
    To remember when ache of heart and spirit were stilled
    by the knowledge of a God perceived,
    of Love and Light, and purpose in all things,
    more surely known than merely believed,
    when the hum of The Universe itself would sing
    To lose all of this,
    to be torn from this holy bliss
    and peace,
    for such a soul
    there is no ease
    It is woe, madness, and hell
    It is to drink from a poisoned well
    It is bleakest despair,
    breathing fouled air
    when once all was whole and fair
    And looking around, within, and everywhere,
    the echo of a cry goes on
    for relief,
    to rest once more
    in blessed belief
    that all is meant to be ~
    yet I,
    I can no longer see
    Yes, endless is the night
    when stolen is such precious sight…


    "In your heart, in your soul, did you find peace there..." - Loreena McKinnett, from Full Circle
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.