The Dark

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  1. clairedelune

    clairedelune Well-Known Member

    Where darkness stood
    And the only thing seen
    Is the source of this art
    And thus, it began,
    an overwhelming feeling of being
    alone and miserable forever.

    Music begins to comfort her
    Like a child's blanket,
    His only protection
    And every word stabs her heart
    Then, a thousand crows were waiting for it to be pierced.

    Belonging is very difficult,
    And this should definitely hurt
    But now it doesn't
    For she has grown numb and lifeless
    Even with the heavily beating heart.

    Her breathing rapidly goes
    And feeling bit by bit
    That air would come short
    But no, it shouldn't
    For she should feel the pain that she deserves.

    And life would go on as if nothing is ever wrong.
    And she will put a smile when seeing familiar faces.
    'Coz she needed to move on
    No matter how much she's killing herself inside.

    *I've written this during another dull moment this week. Yesterday, particularly. I was proud because I created something beautiful instead of ugly and hideous cuts and bruises.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Yes indeed you did create beautiful words thanks you
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