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The denial twist vs death

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by ACRon, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. ACRon

    ACRon Well-Known Member

    those twisty people. i love em;

    they count to three and stop
    they are pretentious and unweilding
    they dance on top of life and criticise it
    they are overtly feminine, and are depressed when not bitching with their friends

    they don't get any poontang

    Dead people, I love em. complete abandonment of life. acceptance of everything. tends to get a bit hot though. maybe would stop burning a little if you let it burnout naturally. surely it wouldn't burn forever

    they also don't get any poontang

    Cowboys (me) - those that get the best of both worlds

    we sometimes get poontang, but it never lasts as sooner or later we are faced with the same choice that stopped us bieng happy the last time.

    in summary, nobody wins, people just get by, accepting their own imperfection. so please for the love of god, be happy. no-ones forcing you to be miserable. take your choice and stop hurting yourself. please
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Thread Status:
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