The difference of living and just existing

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    I feel it! That huge difference, I certainly feel it. Wow, it's like you're air. You're there but nobody sees you, only a few takes notice but in the end you're too transparent to be seen. Everyday it's like that. Do nothing, you feel like crap. Do your f*cking best, still feel like crap. I feel cornered and yet everything is just so far from my reach. The hell is this? Everybody seems to be good at this and yet what the hell have ive been doing with my life? Who is it that chooses how you live your life? What's your basis? Who and what do you take into consideration? Do i live for myself or for others? What counts more to me and to everyone? So many questions yet no answer. Im just lost. Im just wandering aimlessly all these years.
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    i do understand the diffrence

    i think i fit more in to the just existing category- it feels like i'm a statue.. just sitting their, taking all the hurt- unable to talk, unable to express myself because no one's interested in how i feel, etc.

    the questions?

    well: i always said live for yourself, do what you want to do- it's your life, you do what makes you happy. but then... what do you do when you've lost that?. what do you do when you don't even know what you want from life... no one can tell you, okay.. this is how you live your life, so it is a tricky situation. you're in control, but it's hard when you can't feel that
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    Exactly. It's just so so hard. And it's like, you choke on it every single day. It hinders your breathing, how you function yet still no one sees you're already drowning. I feel so helpless.
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    I'd recommend that you consider all the things you have done, and look at experiences that you haven't.

    Say, for example, you've been into music, but not poetry or art, consider looking at them as new things that you're initially bound to be a touch more uncomfortable with - but could develop into something good (Ie, step out the comfort zone).

    I don't just exist - I do what I want (within reason), when I want - and that is me living. I've been consulting with a counsellor about goals, and considering what I really want from life. I believe I get one chance, so I may as well do my damned hardest to make the best of what I've got - and go out fighting rather than tapering off in a whimper (if you understand the analogy).

    Maybe I don't understand the difference. But the options are always there to try something never tried before in order to get to something that ignites a passion for.
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    How to "want" to change anything so we can "try" to feel a bit better? Getting out of our shield is too hard, even when it deeply hurts. Wish I knew the answer.
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    It is really hard. Everyone feels the same and everyone struggles with it. That much I understand. Everyone copes on their own way. As for me, I am still trying to find my way. Trial and error. I expect more hardships and pain but on and on can be tiresome. I cannot help feel more lost than I ever was.