the discreet peace of a late summer

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    it is a wonderful day that looks me straight in the eyes/ the cleanest moment when the sky of deep blue is leaning on the shoulders of the earth/ and the grass hardly grows as if from an ocean with its tips slowly swaying

    it is easy to tie with the knot of your scarf two skies or two earths/ the scythe of bygone times seemingly bites from the future/ human beings are bits of sunshine because the thing that births them also kills them/ somewhere upon the sky of their soul

    some of them cry without tears like the sad lunatics
    those who never cried in vain
    those who drop their teardrop as if from a wound as to protect the life of lives about to come
    with their faces gentle and sunken like leaves falling still tender
    half-dead half-alive
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.