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The Dowhilll Spiral

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Why does life suck so damn much? Why does everyday just get worse then it already is? Why the fuck does each day feel even worse?

(Right now, I'm writing this at 2:51 AM on a Saturday morning, my roommate invited some of his work friends over, I fucking hate them. I want to fucking sleep, I don't have a fucking room. I live in a damn living space. I can't sleep until they leave, I told my roommate not to have his stupid little get together, but nope... I have to get up at 7:00 AM to get to work on Saturday, and study for my Metabolic Biochemistry midterm coming up soon... I'm fucking depressed...)

Anyways, as time goes by, I think I've realized that life does just keep kicking yo in the ass...to the point where it's foot is stuck up there, and taking it out will kill you. Yeah...life kills. Ironic huh? Yeah, seems that when days are simple blah, they just get worse. No such thing as a good day in this world. To me, we simply believe we're having a good day because as kids, we've been conditioned to believe that certain actions/impressions are so called good. So, to be honest, it doesn't exactly exist, we just believe it does because we've been lied too. There are people in this world who have never had a good day in their lives, they live the rest of their lives not knowing what a good day is. Without that conditioning, a good day doesn't exist.

Why doesn't it exist, simply because there is no such thing to start with. As children, we're led to believe that good days exist. I mean c'mon, what's easier for a parent, a kid having a good day, or a kid with a fucked up day. Of course the answer is obvious. Why would a parent want to take care of a kid who's pissed from an awful day? I wouldn't know either....

Sorry...I'm just ranting...

My two cents...
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