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the eclipse

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Last night saw the earth play piggy in the middle between the moon and the sun. i stood outside in the cold for 2 hours or so! gave me alot of time to think and reflect on things. and i got to do some serious photography which i havent done for a long time. took 200 pics!!! i wanted to share with you some of the pictures i took. they are not the best but i worked better than i thought. i just wanted to show you some of them. what do you think? they arent great but i like them

Take care everyone

Clare xxx

ps. did anybody else take any pictures of it - if so i would love to see them.


I missed the whole event.. totally forgot about it.. thanks for posting the pics, I can now live vicariosly through you.


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you really missed out hun - it was awesome. felt really breathtaking - or maybe im just sad - i dont know - i loved it!!! apparently a shooting star went over the face of the moon too but i missed that
Oh wow! that's beautiful....................!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing, I'm going to print the pictures out! :biggrin: :hug:
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Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing..

I missed the eclipse too.. completely forgot.. and was most likely tucked up in bed by then :huh:
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