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The ego

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The ego seeks revenge, forgiveness takes understanding... Forgiveness doesn't mean you forgot or condone wrongs.

Those who wish to seek revenge will look for anything to rationalize their self involved interests. Confronting a wrongdoer is much better then revenge as in many cases it creates a cycle of destruction.

Some people actually think that by being evil they're being good. Hatred is largely about aggressively judging and labeling someone you do not know.

Why do people have to be so vindictive?
because they are in alot of pain and want to somehow get rid of it i guess
Makes sense like my quote goes those who are hurting are looking for a way to vent that pain. Albeit the circumstances do play a factor in how things work out. With that said I'm not sure how much revenge makes someone feel better after they've harmed the person they who has wronged them. It may only be a very temporary relieve and the harm your causing can be deep seeded and potentially chronic. I also think people don't want to think someone has gotten "one up on them" so to speak.

Like the one proposed disorder PTED. One guy states "pathological embitterment is a dangerous state of mind that can and does motivate evil deeds." Secondary victimization or even revictimization can certainly exacerbate someone's embitterment.

In my opinion it depends on someone's lifestyle and back round for example if you're involved with a criminal element(gangs) or people involved in other street crime robbery for example. These people in many cases take great pride in having street cred and rep. In this sense revenge can be about power.

To some degree human nature is if you hurt me I want to hurt you back. Look at what happened after 9/11 the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the latter was on false grounds of weapons of mass destruction.

Although George W Bush supposedly has 'Malignant Egophrenia' . A disorder that some theorize Hitler having as well.

"The situation is very analogous to when seemingly good, normal, loving Germans supported Hitler, believing he was a good leader trying to help them. The German people didn't realize that the virulent pathogen malignant egophrenia had taken possession of Hitler and was incarnating itself through him. By not seeing this and supporting Hitler, they became agents used by this non-local, deadly disease to propagate itself."

You can read the full article here.


I like in the article how the author talks about Bush projecting his shadow side. Oddly enough I was reading about this in Analytical psychologically only hours ago from Carl Jung. the human being deals with the reality of the shadow in four ways: denial, projection, integration and/or transmutation.

For example someone who identify's as being kind shadow side is unkind or harsh. Jung emphasized the importance of being aware of shadow material and incorporating it into conscious awareness in order to avoid projecting shadow qualities on others.
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Revenge is pretty messed up because one rationalizes that "they hurt me so I can hurt them and feel good about it".... Feeling good about hurting someone is NEVER okay if you are a person with proper morals. I understand how one may go that way but that does not make it right, if you have been wronged as I said it is best to confront the wrongdoer and not plot to harm them... I suspect some people don't like to confront the wrongdoer as that would almost be "admitting defeat" they may not want to feel like the other person has the upper hand or the wrongdoer insincerely apologize..

I'm actually ashamed of the human race how some people like to laugh or find it funny how another person was harmed or wronged. The like of empathy and cruelty some people have is actually mind boggling, humans can be very selfish creatures. Humans are in fact the only animal that causes pain and suffering merely for pleasure or power or even financial gain...
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