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The end has come...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Vampyre_Lothos, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Now I will enjoy being in the light after breaking my own neck by hanging myself. I am looking forward to it now. Death is nothing and everything. Life means nothing to me anymore so I am no longer worried.

    I mean, I have no skills, no friends, no future. I might as well snuff it. Death is the only cure logically.
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  2. Snugglepuss

    Snugglepuss Member

    Please don't do it!! You must try to never give up hope on life, no matter how bad things seen. Try to remember the last time you felt happy and loved, and keep telling yourself that you will find a moment like that again. Life isnt about how many breaths you take, its about how many moments take your breath away, and finding these moments make life feel special all over again. Please dont do anything silly! If you need a privite talk, feel free to PM me

    Take care
    Snugglepuss XxX
  3. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    I never was loved.
  4. Luliby

    Luliby Staff Alumni

    Why has life lost meaning... because you lost your job? Are you saying your whole worth as a human being is tied up in your job, status and money?

    Most people who loose their job end up in a better one anyway. So, think of this as a transition to a better employment opportunity!

    It'll be ok. Why die and loose ALL opportunity?
  5. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    No earnings, no point living, death is the solution regardless of doubt.
  6. Luliby

    Luliby Staff Alumni

    Ah, but death can never be the solution because it is an end before a solution can be found. It can't be considered an option because an option means we have a choice and death robs us of both option and choice.

    What options do you have besides destruction? Do you live in a relatively large town or city? There should be other jobs in your field that you are not only qualified for but will excel at and get back on the ladder of success. Sometimes you have to keep panning for gold to find it.

    So this mine (your previous job) turned out to be a dud. try the next mine over. Maybe you'll strioke gold.
  7. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Too late.
  8. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Sorry, but it is getting worse. I am also cut off from PMs.

    See? Others want to make is worse for me. I even stabbed myself and lost alot of blood and I am very disappointed that I didn't die from it. I will try again soon.
  9. ShadyMalingerer

    ShadyMalingerer Active Member

    Hey man, I was put under moderation also. I was also cut off from PMs that stopped me talking to some new friends. I too, see myself as having no skills, no good physical or mental characteristics, and also no job, money or future. The best way to look at it is through change.

    I took a new direction. No skills? You can learn them. Not good at something? Move on to something else. Everybody's good at something, I mean that. Try new things and you'll know sooner or later what I mean.
  10. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Getting cut off from PMs is majorly wrong. What purpose will this serve?
  11. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Who can I trust???
  12. me1

    me1 Well-Known Member

    Why were you cut off, VL? Please write back. Things can improve if you dont give up and keep trying. You have to keep on going when things get shitty like this. You do have a future even it you cant see it right now but you have try and make that future, it isn't going to just come along for you. Unfortunately life isn't like that. I can only offer you love and support through this forum, i am sorry if it isn't enough, but please dont do anything that cant be undone. Life is a lot to throw away, even a bad one.


    grant (TheAM)
  13. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    Why was I cut off? because they enjoy making me suffer. If they push me any harder, I am going to explode.
  14. deathdomepart

    deathdomepart Active Member

    i no how you feel but you have to keep going

    charlotte xxxx
  15. Vampyre_Lothos

    Vampyre_Lothos Banned Member

    For what? Nothing. My family is to blame, they shall feel the pain of my destruction. Let's see if they can live with that. I think they can.
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