The end of my life and all that I am

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    I want to kill myself and I am considering how I should do it properly. <mod edit: IrishDoll, against the guidelines> I have never done it before :p
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  2. Ziggy

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    I have seen many ways tried. I have seen just how much pain a human body can endure. I guess that's why I'm still here. I don't think you'll get an answer, and even if you do the answer will work for some and not for others. I'm not sure whether I care about life or death, but I'd hate for you to suffer, too many people on this forum do.
  3. Petal

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    No one here is going to help you die.

    Why do you want to end you life?
  4. total eclipse

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    My suggestion to you is to reach out and get some help for you okay. call your doctor and let know how much pain your in emotionally. Ask himor her to get you into some therapy where you can talk about your sadness. Get on some medication as i am on It does work. Death is so final you want peace you want the pain and sadness gone reach out for help as there is so much help out there. take care.
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    Can someone please tell me why the f%#k my posts are edited and deleted.
    That's why I hate you all. I come here to get help and all you can do make my posts f%#king PG? WTF?!

    I don't think you guys are serious about anything. But I guess I am wasting my time on this.

    Ill see you all around someday. Hopefully you will all realize that when someone asks for help at his very last moment you don't go f%#king delete his posts.

    Im not going to kill myself. So relax and go watch TV or something.
    And yeah, go ahead and delete this post, my account and all that sh%ยค I don't care. I was a mistake to come here...
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    the only reason ur posts got edited was because they were against the site rules, the rules are there to protect others, if it was such a mistake coming here, then why are you still here?? something is keeping you here. hope ur ok :hug:
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    your account will not be deleted. and your previous posts were only edited / deleted becuase they went again the rules and ethos of the forum. i suggest you take the time to read them because then you won't have to be upset again by having your posts edited :)

    if you need help then please keep posting. we are here to listen and to support