The End

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  1. gaveup

    gaveup New Member

    this is the end
    the tragical peace that will save you from everything
    as the clock stops and the final failure comes
    the death of a never acknowledged poet
    like a grand finale, the horrible whisper of his soul
    as you dive deep in the ocean
    so the tears that fall down won't ever be seen by you
    you watch your broken dreams ashes
    the ones you didn't even tried to build
    your scars fading away, and your memories being drown
    you slowly become nothing, with no heritage or purpose
    not beautiful nor ugly, just a senseless followed road
    the knowledge that could never win a battle
    with your pain so discomposed
    so you know that you can't kill it
    with any rational optimistic poem
    but then again it won't matter, in the end it never does
    strange how now that you are finally free
    and ready to embrace the so long waited peace
    it's the moment where the poisoning of your heart becomes complete
    you smile like a child, showing your fragile teeth
    your ruined heart becomes soft
    and creates a black and a white wing
    it will now fly away, and never meet anything

    that's it, tell me what you think! :]

    and english is not my first language, so let me know if i made any gramatical mistake
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  2. Petal

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    Great poem :hug: Thank you for sharing:biggrin:
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