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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Marti2003, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. Marti2003

    Marti2003 Well-Known Member

    Its just the end, coming soon, i am just a faillure...

    Sorry for that i live and cause trouble for people
  2. letmego3

    letmego3 Just be yourself

    its not all about other people. respect yourself too. sometimes i feel like a failure too. your not a failure thats just a label.

    explain more so people here can help you.
  3. windlepoons

    windlepoons Well-Known Member

    Why do you feel you are a failure?
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Who has said that you are a failure hun or is that just your mind tell you this
    Depression does that tells us lies hun You are not a failure okay you are depressed and you need help hugs:hugtackles:
  5. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    So sorry you're feeling so low and desperate. Sounds like you feel a burden to those around you, and you feel you need to be sorry for that? Is there anyone you can talk to who you trust? Keep 'talking' here if it helps.. jenny
  6. Stranger1

    Stranger1 Forum Buddy & Antiquities Friend

    My therapist told me your not a failure until you give up totally..As long as you have thoughts you haven't given up..
  7. clairedelune

    clairedelune Wanderer

    You never are. Sometimes, when we're at our lowest, we tend to think low of ourselves like we are worth nothing. But believe me, perhaps, you still haven't realized the best things about you. You are a wonderful person. Please keep on hoping and believing.
  8. Jelly

    Jelly Well-Known Member

    You're a special person.

    We all feel this way at one point or another in our lives. We feel worthless. We feel like nobody cares, we feel like we hurt others and we are not making this world a better place.

    The truth is, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world. You are important; Somebody cherishes you. You are not worthless; you are priceless. You are irreplaceable and special. And it's not too late.

    Please know I'm here if you would like to talk.

    Take care, and believe in yourself; You are important.
  9. Marti2003

    Marti2003 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the reactions and sorry for my late reply...

    Sometimes I feel so empty, feeling sad and hoping for the best... Still struggeling with my gf or is she already history... I dunno... Constantly waiting for an awnser from her if she want to continue with me or not... I love her so much and miss her so... I feel so bad about it, I want only her and did everything to convince her... But till now no result...she just do not know and I am now just hanging and feeling she holds my hand and ready to let me go and then I will really fall into a deep black hole... I will fall onto the bottom, hopefully with no feeling, no pain...just away from that...

    I was jobless, now after 6 months a job, but it does not go that good...i am not satisfied and feel I cannot do that work, I feel such a faillure, because I have to proof myself so much, while I am not able too and makes me feel so down... I try so hard to do my best, but I feel I can do nothing, that I am not able to do anything, that I am a worthless worker :(
    Why I feel so unconfident with so many things, I hate it so is like a desease I carry all my life...

    ...I have medication, for sleeping and mood, it helped in the beginning, but now it feels the same again... Ok I do not care how I feel and less emotional, but sometimes I hit myself so hard that I can feel the pain and can cry out...I feel so straight with the medication... It is like my brain is programmed again... It is like my software is changed and that my old software is still there... I feel so trapped by it... I wanna escape this feeling...

    I feel so alone, feel so sad again, everything is so faillure what I do... I just want a hug...i miss my gf, if she still is :(
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