The Endless Struglle

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  1. Madsys

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    This is a poem i wrote ages ago...its 2 pages long and still doesnt feel finished... i used to write lots of poetry...but havent in a while...maybe ill write again soon...tell me what u think...

    The Endless Struggle

    I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t get out
    there’s no-one there to hear my shout

    They’ve dug me down, they’ve dug me deep
    So now I sit here and I weep

    Because what they’ve done has hurt me bad
    And they are sitting up there glad

    They are my friends but they’re bullies you see
    they don’t really know how much they’ve hurt me

    It isn’t causing physical pain
    But it is causing mental strain

    They say they don’t mean it but that is a LIE!
    You can see the meaning in their eye

    I hate their games, they’re getting old
    I’ve got to stand up! I’ve got to be bold!

    I shouldn’t be scared about what they might do
    Because they can’t hurt me when I’m here with you

    They do not want you to know
    So they will wait until you go

    Then when you’re gone they will turn and strike
    They think they can do what they like

    They do not strike on more than one
    For that is when they turn and run

    They run and hide until they see
    That you have gone away from me

    That’s when they come and get me you know
    But I try to not let it show

    It’s an endless struggle each day for me
    I wish they would go and let me be

    But I have to wait until they do
    But for now I feel safe here with you

    Please don’t leave me! Don’t go away!
    Because for now you’re keeping them at bay
    Please stay with me! Please stay near!
    I really don’t want them to come here!

    When you’re gone they will come back
    They always travel in a pack

    As a group they circle me
    Calling names and smiling with glee

    I do not like it, not a bit
    It makes me feel like I’m stuck in a pit

    It feels lonely dark and cold
    I know I should stand up and be bold

    I don’t think I can but I know I should
    I really really wish I could

    Could you help me? Could you please try?
    I do not like to sit and cry

    Please help me out, help set me free
    Please help to make them leave me be!

    I want them all to go away
    Far far far far far away!

    Where I cannot hear them call me names
    Where I don’t have to put up with their little games

    I want to stand up I really do
    I don’t want to have to hide behind you

    That’s it! I’m through! I’ve had enough!
    This life is getting way too rough!

    I will stand up and get them back!
    I will defeat their evil pack!

    I don’t know how but I will try!
    Never again will I sit and cry!

    I won’t let them hurt me like that again
    I will not have to put up with the pain

    This ends now and this ends here!
    I should not have to live in fear!
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Dam bullies iam sorry they hurt you hugs i do hope they have all left now left you in peace hugs
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