The English Defence League

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  1. Xaos

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  2. Xaos

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  3. hollowvoice

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    the shame of being english in 2010
    i dont want to live in this type of world
    whats wrong with humanity?
  4. Issaccs

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    I'd like to point out that I was in Nottingham when the protested in the UAF lines.
    It wasnt the EDL who were throwing bottles, it wasnt the EDL who were being dragged back by police from our lines after trying to start fights and it wasn't the EDL waving pakistani flags while the Mercian regiment soliers were doing their returning home march.

    I'm afraid that having experienced that I have more in common with the EDL than I do with any part of the UAF and the bias in the papers was shameful to say the least.

    Edit. I just watched the first video, which Is taken from a BBC documentary from about three months ago, you'll notice that they cut the video just before the EDL organisers told those boys they were no longer welcome at the march.
  5. Xaos

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    I'm not particularly a fan of the UAF either, or that MDL group.

    Obviously their are good guys who mean well on both sides, but these protests attract a noticable amount of scum.
  6. Zurkhardo

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    Therein lies the problem Xaos. Sometimes, legitimate grievances bleed into other less admirable goals, and attract the kind of folks that corrupt the entire idea behind the movement. It's one thing to oppose radical Islamism - but it's another to take it to a bigoted level.
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