The Escape

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    “The Escape”

    I stand inside a cage of twisted, rusted metal
    While my scale-skinned adversary stands before me
    It escaped while I was preoccupied with my corruption

    It stands, silently mocking
    The demon’s eyes boring into me
    There’s no need for talking
    When communicating victory, and defeat
    It’s self-imposed exorcism complete

    This enemy oozes virility and strength
    Composed of the many demons
    I let to be created

    In this cave of the fallen
    There is no escape
    Except for the demons themselves

    It smiles at me, knowingly
    Knowing my fatal mistake
    It nods, like a patient grandfather
    The demon winks at me, and turns away
    Spreading those gargantuan wings
    Flying off that rocky cliff and over
    An endless sea
    And I’m left pondering
    What will happen to me
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