The Evils of Gang stalking

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    I was a victim of this a few years back and I was smart enough to realize it was happening. Unfortunately I still have enemies that are willing to use this tactic against me.

    I'll give one example of this abuse which I experienced. I felt like I had been gang stalked going to the movies with my one "EX". Later that year due to that abuse I was quite vigilant and on the lookout. So I take this one girl to the movies she is all on her phone from the moment we got in the car she was all into her phone which struck me as odd. I decided we were going to a different movie theater right before we left. Anyways when we got to the movie theater I noticed these guys that looked like some guys younger brothers at the theater. They were kind of giggling and all into their phone too. While waiting in line to get tickets my "date" was really into her phone as well. She goes into the restroom, having a bad feeling about things when we were about to go into the theater I decided hey lets get some food from the concession, I tell her after she comes out I keep an eye out. I notice about to go into theater kind of notice me and then stop for a second. These two guys circle the concession then get in line behind me, with maybe a couple in between us. This really creeped me out so I took my "date" and left the movie theater. Well when I was back home that night I was creeping her FB page. Well one guy she had just added on her FB friendslist was one of the guys behind me in concession line. He had very unique skater type clothes and a big jaw some without a doubt it was the same guy.. Is that a conincidence? I can guarantee it isn't.. If that's not gang stalking I don't know what is..

    Here's an article on things, to help those of you who don't know about this evil and insidious form abuse.

    A widespread phenomenon, a phenomenon that is being talked about in several books and websites. A phenomenon that has definite boundaries, recognizable techniques and specific strategies. Still, talking about gang stalking is far from being a simple issue.

    There’s a gulf between gang stalking victims and the rest of the world: getting over this gulf, that’s the biggest difficulty. In fact, “Bridging the Gap” is the title of one of the most representative books dealing with gang stalking.

    Gang stalking makes use of subtle and hidden persecutory techniques based on obsessive repetition, events frequency, and above all victim sensitization methods. Apparently, these are matters of little importance to people who are not accustomed with gang stalking. They just find it hard to see these things: for them there is every indication that the victim is crazy or has visions. They believe that the abuse the victim is reporting is all in his or her mind.

    This gap is the strength of the persecutor because of the fact that it isolates the victim. This is the gap that needs to be bridged.

    The main goal of gang stalking is to influence the life of the victim and to condition it, in order to destroy it.

    The victim feels like he or her has been thrown in a nightmare or inside a world that is no more his or her own: friends disappear as well as places the victim’s life was built on. You feel your legs give way and you don’t understand why. Strange, unnatural things happen to you and you would start to think that you are crazy. But you know that you’re not crazy and you can see those things really happening. At the same time, you can’t tell anyone, because your account would not be taken into consideration or people could think you are a maniac or that you are suffering from obsessive syndrome. You see things, but you realize you are the only one who see them.

    Gang stalking is designed to be invisible. Only the victim, an extremely experienced investigator or anyone else who is well aware of the phenomenon could recognize it. Invisibility is the strength of this kind of persecution. There are many other kind of violent persecutions, but they are visible: they are for all the world to see.

    There are many ways to strike someone in a cruel manner. You can go as far as killing someone, but then people would notice. There are criminal organizations that carry out massacres: they can hide the perpetrators and the person behind the massacre if the police doesn’t find out, but they can’t hide the crime itself. The massacre is for all the world to see and nobody would deny the fact that it has taken place.

    On the other hand, gang stalking often takes place in public: even in the streets and in very populated areas. People around don’t see. They can’t see, because of the gulf that is separating them from the victim’s situation.

    The victim is now sensitized and conditioned and he or her could be strike really hard by events that are just invisible to other people or events that they find normal.

    The first challenge is to introduce gang stalking to other people and to make them understand that gang stalking exists and that it is a very serious crime. This is a silent and subtle war, a war in which anyone could become a target for the most various reasons – reasons that are often unknown to the victim who feels himself or herself as struck by coincidence.

    In order to prepare their attack, the perpetrators split into small units that don’t seem to have so much relevance. People around recognize these units but at the same time, they can’t see the link between them. Therefore, they believe that nothing strange is happening.

    This is exactly the same situation in which the victim finds himself or herself when he or she becomes the target of gang stalking. At this stage, a lot of disturbing situations involving a high number of perpetrators happen. You would begin to wonder how this is happening, how is it possible that so many people are conspiring against you.

    Then you realize that this chain of events it’s no coincidence. It would be statistically impossible. Organized persecution does exist, and the most different people are involved.

    A stalker could be a young man, a middle age man or an old one; stalkers could be white, black, Hispanic, Asian or they can belong to every other ethnicity, they can be attractive, ugly or neutral. There is no way to identify a stalker just by looking at him or her: it is the way he or her behaves that matters. Stalkers are not tied by their history or by their personal characteristics, but rather from their adherence to a system of extremist beliefs. This is an evil system, a system that consider everyone the gang stalkers decide to harass and destroy inhuman.

    Practically, in a more or less direct way, stalkers are trying to set up a secret society that would be able to operate in the civil society and to strike everyone.

    The fact is that they can do it, without anyone beyond the victim being able to realize it.

    In the book “Bridging the Gap”, the Author Gmb Bailey writes about the Gap existing between the stalking victim and the rest of the world. Here are some excerpts from the book that can be of use to better define the danger we are in. If we don’t want to be overpowered, we need to take appropriate measure as soon as possible.

    “How to bridge the gap?” Bailey writes.

    “As a long–time researcher in the field of gang stalking, this is the question that constantly plagues me. How could I explain in a believable way to the so-called democratic countries public that just in these countries, there are ongoing activities which are far from being democratic? How could I explain that there are people driven to death, to commit suicide or any other violent action because of the fact that they have been tortured and harassed? How to explain this in a believable way without appearing completely mad or without passing for a conspiracy theorist? How to explain that year after year these democratic countries turned their citizens into the eyes and the ears of the state? How to explain that, just like in Eastern Germany, legion of informers has been created in these countries? How to explain that in order to be part of a global surveillance network that would be able to follow or track down a person wherever he or her goes, these countries have not planned, if anything, they have plotted?

    How to explain people who find themselves in the situation I was just a couple of years ago, that all they believe about society is an illusion or even a lie?

    Two years ago, I was myself blind, deaf and dumb about what was happening around me. I dare say that had anyone tried to explain me that in the democratic countries there were people being tortured and human rights organizations that were not willing to help these people, then I would have been quite sceptical about it.

    As many other people, I grew up as a child, then as a teenager and finally as an adult, with the belief that torture was not allowed in democratic countries. I thought that it was a prerogative of countries without freedom, countries where people have no rights. Even today, when I think about torture, I think about countries like China or Russia. On the contrary, I don’t think to countries such like United Kingdom, Canada, or United States. However, these and many other democratic countries are the main responsible for the horrors committed against their citizens.

    I’m aware that to many of you, this would not just be difficult to understand, but even to believe. Anyway, this is my duty.”

    “There’s a gulf that separates me from where I was a couple of years ago, and I want to build a bridge on it”, explains Bailey.

    “Had I been told what was happening, I would have shrugged my shoulders with sarcasm, and then I would have recommended to look for psychiatric assistance. Now I’m aware of what is happening in the countries that many of us learned to know and to love.

    Even if it could appear that this systematic practice have been directly taken from the X files or from a movie like Matrix or from every other movie speaking about unknown worlds, I would like to build a bridge on the gulf that separates us from it.

    There is a world in which the truth you have been told is a lie. Living in this society is not exactly what we expected or what we believed in: it is a hard reality.

    If I wouldn’t succeed in convincing you at the end, at least I hope to make it clear to you about what is happening in the society.

    Gang stalking, taken in it’s simplest form, is a secret investigation on a person. Stalkers keep watch over this person, both openly and concealed. They follow him or her 24-hour a day, 7-days a week. During the monitoring process, motorized or walking patrols are asked to follow the target everywhere. In order to let the informers communicate, it’s common for these patrols to make use of a sign language in which a single hand is involved.

    This is the simplest aspect of gang stalking. It is not so difficult to understand, isn’t it? But this is what is happening after this first stage that causes the great separation between the victims and the rest of the society.”

    “Gang stalking is not only a secret investigation. Gang stalking is designed as a systematic form of control that is able to destroy an individual’s life.

    The aim is to control every aspect of the life of the individuals chosen as targets. The secret investigation tries to take the command, just like a brain virus does.

    All too soon the victim finds out that he or she doesn’t have anymore a real control on his or her own life: friends the victim thought of as reliable disappear; the family that the victim relied on is no more a support. Colleagues, neighbours, partners and many other people who were considered trustworthy, disappear in a similar way. What happen to these people? Stalkers get their collaboration by imploring, menacing, deceiving, corrupting and blackmailing them. The final result is that the network the victim relied on doesn’t longer exist. In this way, the victim finds himself or herself completely alone.

    In order to understand this process, it would be useful to analyze some other concept. At an emotional and psychological level, gang stalking bear some resemblance with mobbing in the workplace. While this kind of mobbing could be recognized in a specific background – workplace, that is – gang stalking could be everywhere, even in the most different circumstances and situations.”

    Bailey point out that the public could have some difficulties to recognize a practice known to very few people.

    Before mobbing in the workplace became the subject of many studies, even mobbing victims have been subjected to wrong diagnosis and have been considered paranoid.

    This is what was happening 15 years ago, before researchers studied the phenomenon. Victims were often considered as paranoids and many of them has been locked up or underwent some therapy. However, it took 15 year to realize that mobbing in the workplace – a widespread and systematic practice – is not just a European problem, the other democratic countries suffer from it as well.

    Until both we and those who could just have an objective and calculated interest in the matter don’t understand the seriousness of the problem, it’s very easy to misunderstand something we don’t know of: for example people involved in a phenomenon, or the phenomenon itself.

    Thanks to researchers such like Kennelh Westhues, nowadays the notion of mobbing in the work place is very well understood and taken as a fact in our society. Professor Westhues has been himself a victim of mobbing in the workplace, but he managed to reject the attacks and spent the following 10 years studying the phenomenon and assisting other victims. Today Westhues is a higly regarded researcher in this field.

    When we talk about intimidation, gang stalking or mobbing in the workplace, people are often unaware of the devastating effects that these kind of harassments have on an individual.

    Therefore, in a community it’s the members duty to get the people know and understand what is happening inside this community.

    Ten years ago the word intimidation was not so well understood. Thanks to people like Tim Field, today this a word of daily use and a perfectly understandable concept.

    Sects practicing gang stalking are on the brink of precipice. Their objectives are on the way to be understood. The term itself is much more popular in the society. Yet, although the term is becoming more common, a limited understanding of the concept together with prejudices about gang stalking victims survives still.

    Bailey writes about things that I’m personally experiencing in my everyday life. Through the account of my experiences I want to help more people to beat the monster and to eradicate gang stalking’s subtle and secret persecution.

    I experienced directly the consequences of gang stalking: you can’t go to a bar or make a phone call because you already know that the person you will meet or the person who will answer you, is going to do those sort of things you have been sensitised for. You find yourself in a world like Matrix but, until you realize that, you will think that the problem is inside you. You go to the psychiatrist, but even he has been recruited by the gang stalkers, and he tries to control your mind or prescribes you medicines that make you feel dazed. You ask your friends, your mother, your husband and the police for a help, but no one understand you. They cannot help you.

    I talked many times about “victim sensitization.” Now I need to explain clearly what this is about.

    Sensitization is a psychological process that associates a stimulus to a reaction or a situation. In other words, it is a technique that makes the target particularly sensitive to a daily stimulus like a colour, a gesture, an object, or a simple action of everyday life.

    Here is an example: if the perpetrators always wear clothes or accessories of a particular colour – let’s say red – the victim will feel a sense of persecution every time he or her sees someone dressed in red, identifying this person as a stalker, even if he or she is not a stalker at all. In this way the actual persecution will be amplified because the sense of it will instil in every aspect of the victim’s life.

    Technically, this stimulus is called “anchoring”; this is due to the fact that the reaction become anchored to that particular stimulus and will come to the surface every time that a similar stimulus shows up. This is why gang stalking hides itself so well. Only the victim could perceive the phenomenon in its wholeness.

    Hidden though being at the same time for all the world to see. A blind world!

    Still, it needs attention and practice for the design to come up. Many of you are certainly familiar with those books that suggest to find the hidden object in the picture or else the scheme in which, if you pay attention, it is possible to see a three-dimensional image printed on a flat background.

    First there are many people who find it difficult to notice the hidden objects, but then they usually succeed in detecting them with a little practice. Once the detecting technique has been developed, the hidden objects become clearly visible with very little effort. The same applies to stalking. When you know what you are looking for, it’s easier to detect subliminal aggressions.

    As we realized, instead of adopting a direct approach to a person in possession of all his or her faculties, the aggressions are usually occults. This aggressions hide the harassment by making events happen accidentally.

    Usually the harassments are even further covered. Nevertheless is statistically impossible that such events happen so frequently. Most of the harassments are covered by an apparently simple formula.

    Here is the formula.

    Frequency: it describes the frequency with which an event takes place. Moreover, it refers to the number of actions inside a single event.

    Length: it concerns the length of a single event and generally the uninterrupted duration of the harassments.

    Intensity: this has to do with the amplification inside an event of such things like noise, light, crowding and so on.

    We could take as an example the car’s door slamming. This is what would happen: there’s a neighbour who’s coming while two other neighbours go away. While they’re taking care of their vehicles, trunks and car’s door open and close repeatedly, alarms set off. These kind of disturbances come from the area surrounding the victim’s home. They can both be simultaneous and orchestrated. The event lasted 5 minutes, more than normal (lenght). Beyond the length of the event, the number of repetitions of every action inside the events has been increased too (frequency). For example: trunks and car’s doors repeatedly slam even if there is only one person inside the vehicle. Besides, the event takes place many times during the day (frequency). Every single slam of the door or of the trunk is amplified in order to produce a noise which is bigger than normal (intensity).

    This event involves sounds and implies a big activity(actions), moreover it lasts more than normal in order to produce an occult aggression. Even if there is a single person, the standard procedure seems to consist in more blows (the trunk, the front doors, the rear doors). The event can be synchronized with the victim’s activities, for instance his or her arrivals or departures.

    The event could also be a part of a noise campaign consisting in the distortion of other kind of noise.

    This is the base in many of gang stalking schematized techniques.
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