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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Anonymousnobody, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Anonymousnobody

    Anonymousnobody Well-Known Member

    I found a way I can finally go. It's supposed to be relatively painless, no mess either. That's why I haven't shot myself through the head yet. Wouldn't want to force someone to clean up all that. My exit is supposed to end in a coma state, so a nice peaceful way out.

    I don't know if I'll be able to go through with it, but.....just in case I do, and just in case it works, I wanted to say goodbye. It was a pleasure to meet everyone on here. Especially you, Mercedez. I think I'll miss you most of all.
  2. houston713

    houston713 New Member

    Don't do it. I was in the same boat as you and I'm still here over a year later. Life WILL get better over time. Sometimes just finding the right people makes a world of difference.

    You deserve to live a full life, it's a shame not to.
  3. Theodora

    Theodora Well-Known Member

    Think you ought to ring a crisis line instead. Then start thinking about doing something different.
  4. Anonymousnobody

    Anonymousnobody Well-Known Member

    Apparently I'm even more cowardly than I thought. Couldn't even uncap the bottle. Fuck.

    I'll get to it eventually. Sorry to bother you.
  5. dropdeadfr3d

    dropdeadfr3d Member

    I'm sorry you feel like you failed...but I'm glad you're still here.

    I'm Liv BTW... if you want to talk or anything.
  6. RickyFitts92

    RickyFitts92 New Member

    If you say you're going to miss people, it means you're leaving something behind...You're no coward, you just realize that this life might still have things to offer you... Deep down nobody wants to kill themselves, and neither do you, even if you feel this is the solution right now.
    Come on, the only person that can convince you is yourself. Hang in there my friend, keep fighting...We all have to. I believe in you.
  7. Mercedez

    Mercedez Banned Member

    dont yyou dare do any hting or ill die too
  8. Anonymousnobody

    Anonymousnobody Well-Known Member

    No, mercedez...don't be upset, it's nothing. I don't matter, it'll be fine
  9. Mercedez

    Mercedez Banned Member

  10. notloved

    notloved Member

    It's not the leaving this life thing for me, it's just the method. And I am a coward when I go through the choices. Like everyone else I just want a pill and to slip away painlessly, never going to happen is it? There's only one method I cling on to and that can't be done until winter, so another 8 months of waiting and going through this crap. A lot of the time I think I did actually die at Xmas and I'm now in purgatory. Life is that bad most days.
  11. notloved

    notloved Member

    I don't know of any ways that end in a coma state though. My psych went through quite a few of my chosen methods and poo-pooed the lot of them, went through step by step of what would likely happen, and it was horrendous. I could have killed him (if I didn't kill me first ha ha). Trouble is, suicide is something for me to hold on to when I know I really can't handle anymore, so it's like taking away someones hope, telling them there is no easy way out.
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