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The fakeness is irritating..

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How can you all say ''I care'' and mean it? This is based on lies. Why do people say, ''I SHOULD JUST CUT MYSELF!'', if you want to do it then go ahead. I hate the way people view cutting, burning, drug abuse as such a negative thing. Suicide isn't bad at all, it's an option that one can make. Attention seeking is seriously annoying. I'm unhappy and I get pleasure out of snorting substances and slicing my arm open with a blade. Hey, coke works better than these ever so helpful antidepressants.

The point of this thread? Fuck knows.

Daaaaaaamn, wrong section. It needed to be in 'let it all out'. Apologises.
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As to whether i agree or not, that's something else. In the one sense I'm glad you've found some way to cope with your depression but I can't see it as a long term strategy that will have success, cutting is addictive and harmful and so is cocaine, aswell as being expensive.

Anti-depressants don't always work the way we hope but so long as there is some benefit from them it's worth carrying on taking them. If they don't work at all then maybe you could see about getting them changed, if you're on medication then I assume you are seeing a shrink and maybe a therapist. Try discussing with them long term plans of coping with your illness, blotting out your life only works for so long and when it stops working you are ina far worse position than back at square one.


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Hi Ruby
How can you all say ''I care'' and mean it? This is based on lies.
Sorry Ruby I have to disagree with you there, there are many different kinds of caring and different ways of showing that you care but I don't believe anyone on SF will say "I care" without there being some feeling to it.

Snorting substances and slicing your arm open may appear to help in the short term but in order to recover you need professional help, which I hope you will get.

Take care Hazel


I agree with Hazel. I can sympathise though Ruby- sometimes self harming in any way possible is the only way to stay alive and people telling you 'it's bad' can be frustrating. However, like Robin and Hazel say it's short term relief and can turn compulsive and addictive. I don't want to preach at you but after a while, the cycle of self destruction can be very painful rather than relieving.

Do you see a therapist or counsellor who you can talk to without feeling judged?

I do also think there are different ways of caring. But I have felt like you and not trusted any show of "care" by anyone. I suppose it's difficult to really find out what is the truth sometimes, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of people's feelings- and if their demonstations correspond with your idea of sincerity.

I hope this wasn't too 'preachy.' :tongue:

Best wishes.


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I can understand why it would seem 'fake' to have people on the internet telling you how much they care about you. How can people care about someone they've never met? I can tell you how: some people are concerned about humanity, period. I can say I care about you and mean it,whether I've met you in real life or not. Very often depressed and troubled people are more sensitive than those without these emotional issues. I think it goes with the territory. So when we hear of someone in pain and misery it's our normal response to care, even if that person is on the other side of the planet or if we've never met you face to face. And the smilies are the internet substitute for facial expressions and body language.

I DO care - you're a being in misery, that's all I need to know to care.




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Aw, thank you for replying :)

I dreaded opening this as I couldn't even remember what I'd wrote. I'm sorry if it sounded offensive. It was just a rant.
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