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the fear is back

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I'm doing poorly at work, I don't think my family loves me. Last night my boyfriend dumped me and yeah i know that's not serious enough to be hurt about so stop crying. I need an escape and if i take it and it fails my family will have to start all over. i can't put them through another year of trying to understand what is going on. i watched them struggle to understand.

i just got a good job but i can't even function at it. i'm trying my best to pretend. i am looking forward to going back to school but am i really? and even this time around its different. before there was so much anger and now i'm tired. i have been here before so why should i be here again? how do people stay sane? if i fail again then my family suffers, my work suffers, my relationship with my now ex suffers. if i stay and pretend i could have him as a friend, my family as my family, my work as my work but at what cost?

how do i do this without failing? i don't want someone rescuing me. i just want to escape for good.
it hurts to break up with someone that you love. you don't have to invalidate the seriousness of that. it's something that you can survive though

I don't take the position that I should talk you out of being suicidal, but instead point out that there are probably ways that you can get better, and that you may be able to get to a place where you are glad that you are alive

are you doing anything for treatment?
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