The Feel Of Death

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    Fading Light
    A Failing System
    Slipping Grasp
    Increasing Slumber
    Angel of Death
    Has Come

    As the grasp on life fades, I can feel my body start to shut down. It was almost as if I was put under, like by body's energy was being drained. It was unlike any feeling of death I could have imagined. Dreaming, I could see my death ending with some pain and lack of breath. But this... I am afraid.

    -Yes this was a dream.
    I was given the "Needle of Death". For some reason I was brought back a few seconds after I died. Apparently I had one last thing to do...
    While half the vivid details of my dream have faded, it still left a scar. I am more afraid now.
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    Hugs to you well written the feel of death i can relate to those words
    sadness takes one totally away from reality i hope that you find something to grasp onto someone to hold onto so it does not take you away ever