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The Feeling...

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...its almost becoming impulsive, I wanna kill myself at least once a day, I guess because I worry alot. I'm sure somethings gunna go wrong and it seems to always do.

I'm not really happy anymore, not at all. Its been along time since I was.

Years actually.

It doesn't seem important to stay alive, I stay alive for my mother, not for myself, if I had the choice I'd probably have died along time ago.


I know how you feel, I guess we all do. I don't know if some of your worrying could be helped with antidepressants. I know zoloft has worked miracles for me. I started on 100 mg. per day about 3 weeks ago. I was wanting to die then, from all the worries. But now I still have the same problems I did but I am not obsessing over them anymore. I am able to think more clearly now and put it all in perspective and realize I can only do what I can do, one day at a time. Hang in there.


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I was on prozac for a while but since I didn't get any better or worse they took me back off.

Now I'm just going solo until they give me something else.


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Everything, I'm scared of letting people down, scared of being used, and I know its gunna happen, so when I get to know people I'm usually stand-offish. Its not their fault I'm like this, thought I'm usually proven right in the end.


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Hmmmm unfortunately sometimes people troll these forums sometimes.i dunno why.Just to upset us i think.They dont realise what dire consequences their actions coudl have and personally i think what they do says more about them having boring lives or not being alble to admit to their problems than it says about us.But anyway lets not let them distract us.Please ignore people like that.

im sorrry suicide has almost become impulsive for you.It has been like that for me sometimes previously so i can sort of relate i think.It is less of an impulsive and more of a lanned thing now though.

Regards the medication im sorry that it hasnt worked for you.It never worked for me either.i was tried on various things.Sometimes over quite long periods of time of taking them properly but still to very very little or no avail unfortunatley.

In the end in my case the medication just became entwined with my suicidality and so it was becoming too much of a risk to prescribe to me so they took me off it.i was annoyed at first when they did that cos i thought i was being deprived of something by them taking me off it.As it seems that medication certainly in the UK is one of [if not the main] of the main treatments given these day to people with problems.

But it never did me hardly any good if any at all.So i dont care anymore.

But it may be they can find something which can at least help you to some degree in the future.i hope so if thats what you feel you need.i know a lot of people who have been helped my medication - i am just not one of them.So dont givbe up.

From my own experience i agree totally with h2osmack's comment though.If you dont want to live for yourself then you can get by but its damn hard work.

i worry a lot too almost constantly and know how upsetting and difficult this can make things.And i truly hope you will find your own reasons to live over time and then use htose to build on.

Small steps at a time.

Good luck.YLu can do it.
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