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the fight is on

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well, most people who know me and my past this day has been a long time coming. ive had enough of things getting on top of me and constantly feeling crap. i have put my fighting gloves on and im gonna win. no longer will my past dictate my future, i have a lot to look forward to, i have 4 great kids who in the future will give me weddings (omg) and hopefully grandkids (omfg), i will be there for them always and a husband who loves me very much. i cant change whats happened in the past but i can, and will change and shape mine and my familys future. i know i have friends here, many who have gone to many lengths to help me, for that im grateful and believe me it was all taken on board, now its time to put it into action. :love: sf.


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That's a wonderful post! It's always nice to see good things happening for members. Keep up the good spirits and hard work! :hug:

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I hope you continue to get the supports to move forward hun If the medication is ordered by your doctor then please continue to use them until you can be weaned off them properly If they are other medication then yes definetly get rid of them I hope you alway continue to fight hun for YOU hugs


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so glad to hear your life has improved and hope it continues to
you have so much to look forward to

I am worried though that you might go off the meds too soon
if they're helping you to feel good they're doing they're job
Please make sure you consult your doctor first
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