the final letter

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I sent the following letter via e-mail after two weeks of not hearing from my "best friend." My heart is broken, and I know he will not listen. But it's time for me to try to start letting go:

People tell me that I should give up waiting around on our friendship…and I’m asking you, should I?

For someone who promised to be there always, who claimed to care about me so much, you just don’t seem to be around. I thought that caring for you would be something I’d always be able to do. Now, I’m starting to realize that caring about someone who doesn’t give a shit, who throws you aside like garbage, isn’t such an easy thing to maintain. I found a place online where I could talk to people, and I finally I understood: there are people I’ve never even met who care about me more than you seem to now.

I know at one point you meant what you said. I personally don’t understand how that could change, but I know that it does. I just wanted you to know that your broken promise has broken me. I thought I could trust again, but I know now that I was wrong. Just like everything else in your life, it was a lie.

I hope someday you have the presence of mind to know that you lost someone who loved you very much and that that might mean something to you. Good luck, *******, and good-bye.

And here I am, broken inside. Wishing that I had never met him. Wishing that I never had a reason to write this letter in the first place. Crying because it's all true. Crying because I never wanted to say good-bye. Crying because his life will go on like nothing ever happened. Crying because mine stopped dead in its tracks. ::sigh:: Crying because this is the end.


I'm sorry you had to go through that, I don't know exactly what it's like but I can somewhat relate. If you need someone to talk to pm me
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