The Finest Line

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Mojam333, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Mojam333

    Mojam333 Member

    The finest line we cross
    The line we do not see
    Behind the finest line
    Are things we cannot be

    It doesn’t matter why I’m here
    It may be love it may be fear
    It may be because I’m ten feet tall
    It may be the dog or nothing at all

    I cannot do what is undone
    I can’t shoot down the blazing sun
    With crazy words or vacant stares
    A scalpel blade or fuck; who cares?

    I stand behind the finest line
    But I’m just waiting for my time
    I know I can’t because I won’t
    Who cares if I do or if I don’t?

    Am I here or there?
    Am I even anywhere?
    Where I am at any time
    Is at the edge of the finest line

    Behind the line we are
    Who we think we are
    Cross the line and it’s all over

    Behind the finest line
    Is the idea
    Of crossing that line
    Crossing the line takes away the idea
    The idea vanishes into thin air
    The idea becomes the finest line
    For another curious line crosser

    Behind the finest line
    There is the dream
    Would the dream come true beyond the line?
    What would you dream about then?
    With the finest line behind you

    That is the end of the road
    You can. You might. Eventually you will.
    If you decide to stay behind the line
    You can challenge all your fears
    Beyond the line you take them with you

    There are no more lines
    Beyond the finest line
    Once crossed it disappears
    Into where who knows
    Once I crossed the finest line
    Where did I go nobody knows?

  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    That line many of us face hun you write abt
    you are so right though i hope you never cross that line i hope you have the strength the courage to fight the fears hugs to you
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