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Wow... depressing... a good job, no close friends or romantic attatchments... thats how i see my life, although i'm not sure i'll like the job.... :dry: ... we'll see, we'll see....


Yup, it was a pretty good trigger for me too. I suppose other people go looking for stuff like that when they need to feel sad?

Oh yes, I am familiar with the late Miss Chubbuck and her public suicide. As far as "triggers" go, there are much more disturbing examples of suicide on the 'net...very, very graphic examples. :puke:

Despite the frequent grotesque and repulsive images of death, people, even so-called "normal" people, have a morbid fascination with viewing it. IMHO humans have a natural curiosity about death and what it looks like. Why ?

To see death is to see one's future. :eek:
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