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Discussion in 'Grief and Bereavement' started by jupiter202, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. jupiter202

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    The anniversary of my best friends suicide is coming up. The first year. A few days after that will be his bday...and then my bday.....its just scaring me, the fact that its been a YEAR since this happened. I feel like the closer it comes, the further away he is from me.....

    Im scared for the day. Scared I wont be able to deal....scared his mother will start stalking me again....

    I dont know what I should DO on that day....:sad:
  2. I Miss You

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    i know how you feel..the first anniversary is always the HARDEST...

    to tell you the sad truth i still dont know how to deal with them

    suicide is the worst emotional pain one can ever feel

    mabye you could clebrate his life...remeber the good times that you had..

    if you have MSN i would like you to add are not alone
  3. Matty321

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    Jupiter, this struck me.

    I too have the yuckiest sick feeling that now, almost a year has passed and my brother will get only further from me now. My memory of him. I don't even have any video of him or even barely any goods pictures, for God's sake. He never wanted his pic taken.


  4. jupiter202

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    Same here! Michael and I have practically NO pics together. I have ONE of him...but it hurts to look at it. Im torn....I want MORE pics but I cant even look at the ONE I have!!!

    Thank you for your words.