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The Five Facts... game....

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Basically you type five facts about yourself that we didn't know!

#1 I don't have a sweet tooth,
#2 I have two hamsters called Starsky and Hutch,
#3 I dye my hair random colours,
#4 I'm addicted to salt,
#5 I have trouble sleeping.



I like cheese - a lot

I am completely stupid

I (unusually for a girl) like cricket

I am too short

I love thunder storms
I am also short.... lol.... although everyone else thats short here would probably be taller than me... lol...

I dont have a middle name.

My hair always looks presentable, but it is in reality, always really, really, really tangled unless I spend like an hour brushing it.

I hardly talk in real life

I lie a LOT more than I let on that I do
I was meant to be asleep an hour ago, but instead I am here
When I am bored I have a tendancy to do slightly crazy things
I want to talk to people but then when they talk to me I dont want to talk
Music and writing is my life (although you prolly already knew that lol)
I wear glasses and hate it
1. I'm can never resist chocolate even though I know it's just gonna make me fatter
2. Sometimes I think that if I could just disappear everything would be ok
3. Right now I'm obsessed with Counting Crows and I play their song "Daylight Fading" all the time because it symbolises the way I feel and also Coldplay's "Fix You" (even though as a whole I don't like them much) because I wish someone was here to say that kind of thing and who would try to do something to fix this stupid brain
4. My middle name is Muir
5. Any time someone says something (in life, online, or on TV/movies) that I like, I write it down. I have whole pages of "That man looks suspicious. He's eating a hotdog in a gay bar without the irony!" and "I don't recall issuing an invitation to fisticuffs."
Some people think that I have an ED because of my size
looking at the amount of food I eat, I also dont blame them
I really really really really dont like my last name
I wish that my name was longer because its really short
i am tired


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1) I'm madly crazily insanely in love, and it's still in that "I want to scream to the world about it" stage. I don't understand why I still feel so bad anyway.
2) When I love a song, I put it on repeat until even I can't stand it.
3) My favorite color is pink. People think it means I'm stupid, which I find funny.
4) I live on coffee.
5) And sushi.
1) I hate nipples
2) I have a very strong phobia of dentists
3) Whenever someone calls me by my name I think I've done something wrong.
4) I taste unusual things such as a coffee bean sandwich and once dipped a weetabix into a cup of coffee.
5) I'm extremely clumsy; Last year I spilt cows liver (yuk!!) down my top during an experiment in Biology, the other day in my eagerness to take a photo I fell down the bank and bruised my ankle.
I have a very, very, very, very soft spot for dogs... especially Jasper and Roxy... my dogs... :biggrin:
If theres one colour that I absolutely cannot stand wearing, it is pink!!
I am at least a good ten or twelve kg lighter than all of my friends.
I go to sleep late and get up really early, and it seems to have no effect on me...
I sometimes hate signing in on MSN because I am guaranteed to get bombarded by convo windows


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1. I have always had a fear of spiders since childhood and I don't know why
2. I am a member of the church of reality
3. I prefer dark, depressing, and macabre when it comes to music, art, and other forms of entertainment.
4. I am an only child
5. I love the euphoric feeling and burst of energy that comes with drinking a cup of coffee.
1) I am married.
2) I am in bpd recovery and have been going to therapy and group therapy for 3 years.
3) I want to be a therapist for people with Borderline Personality Disorder someday.
4) I like art, tattoo's, and photography.
5) I have a puppy named Spike.. :dog:
One of the search spiders (I think) was viewing this thread on the Who's Online, and though I replied, it was more than a year ago, so I figured it would be ok to resurrect the thread.

1. I have met four people from SF in real life. Three are still on here - two of them were only this year.
2. I wish I was taller.
3. I have an exam tomorrow, which I have not studied for.
4. Today I watched a dubbed video of Britney singing, with changed lyrics about her boobs. And it AMUSED me.
5. I don't think I'll ever really be good enough.


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1) I'm not really looking forward to the summer.
2) I hate food.
3) I'm most italian and irish, and a little bit of greek and swedish.
4) I am actually unhealthily obsessed with shopping.
5) I'm also really short.
I sang with the band Justus for 8 years.
I write my own songs
I am a single mother with 4 teenaged children
I am afraid of doctors, dentists and hospitals
I act in plays and musicals in the community and other places during the summers.
I have ran away from home before
On Saturday, I have some testing thingy run by UNSW that I have to go to =.=
I want to trust people, but lots of them keep letting me down
I wonder if I'm ever gonna like alcohol
I want to play piano in the school's musical next year, but I'm wondering if I actually have the ability to do it.


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I"m not as patient as I'd like to think.

I get irritated with people too easily without putting myself in their place.

I have favorites among my children.

I am not as 'wonderful' as people think I am.

I don't do things that need done simply because "I don't want to!".
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