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the "fix" for us

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I was told today what caused my depression and mood swings.
I eat too much sugar!
All i ahve to do is not have sugary foods in my diet and i will be fine!
Like no joke, this is what i was told.
Isnt it great? :) My life is now fixed!!!

-end sarcasm-


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seriously, who is the prat that came out with that :dry:
obviously our diet can affect moods etc. any idiot knows that...but to make it the b all and end all BAH!!

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But on a serious note, it is always a good thing to decrease refined sugars and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) intake by at least 70 percent, and increase consumption of leafy greens, whole grains, and blueberries by at least 30 percent. Sugar has been known to fuck up brain chemistry because it's as bad an addiction as cocaine or nicotine. Not sure what that has to do with depression though for real. It'll just make you feel cleaner.
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It is true for some people sheep. Cutting out sugar while WONT solve the problems and depression, will cut down on the highs and lows, get you to a more stable place (even if it is a really low stable) so that medication and therapy has a higher chance of working. The same can go for not eating enough, starting to eat reguarly and healthily will help stablise moods. Coming from a psychology student who has personally gone through these roots to stablise herself.
it may not work for you, but hey, isn't anything worth a shot?


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I had someone tell me vitamin B would fix me...
felt like thumping them..if only it was that easy we would all be cured..
Oh yes, vit b from march - october and vut d from oct - march, she said that too.

And yeah i get that diet does have an impact. but it wont fix everything. And the fact aswell, that i HAVE tried healthy eating, when doctors wouldnt help me, as i went 6years without help, so i tried all alternatives i could find, and it didnt help or "fix" me at all, i stated this, and she ignored it.
BUT i thought id share it all with you, just to make sure the news was heard ;)
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