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The flinch of the eye

So so tired

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I just wrote this and would like to share,

The flinch of the eye
A drop of a tear
The relief of knowing death could be near.
I wish I could change the past and have the time again, things could have very been different and easier to comprehend.
Each day is a battle and every breath a fight and the only partial relief comes when sleeping during the night.
Even then, memories come flooding back as a constant reminder of our wonderful past.
I really try to live life for me but feel like an empty shell washed ashore.
The void inside is so difficult to hide.
I often cry myself to sleep just wishing my loved ones were with me.
The right side of the bed remains empty and cold and all I need is my husband and son to hold.
I do not believe that time will heal as it has now been 4 years and the pain is so ever real.
On top of grief came additional loss, the loss of our son into care followed by an unknown future of unhappiness and despair.
I am in that space between life and death which is not a nice place to be.
I have no energy to fight and just want to be free.
Free from the sadness and depression within, that drains every inch of hope preventing happiness to begin.
I wish I could be in a better place but I just struggle through each day.
They say that life goes on but this is not the way.
I am very tired now with mental and emotional exhaustion taking it's toll leading me to believe that it's time to join my husband in our 6 foot hole!

Thanks for reading xx


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Beautiful thanks for pouring out your soul and giving this to us. I'm sorry for your losses. I know what it's like to not be able to be with the ones I love. Hope things get better and don't forget you have us!


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A hundred years from now will be
None of us to physically see
Memories made by billions gone
Like the sun last time it shone

About that space you're in between
The pain you've got and what you've seen
Loved ones gone and you want free
None of you are left to see

But what if I said when you sleep
Feels the time for some relief
And in 8 hours sleep each day
20 years is slept away

And yet in sleep we are alone
No-one in life can ever go
Into dreams and show you true
Cuz when asleep it's only you

So all I'll say life's not forever
In a way and like the weather
Raining, stormy, stars align
The sun tomorrow again will shine...

With the sun and memories made
Are born tomorrow in this way
Take a camera take a walk
And photo the birds cuz they can talk!


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