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The Forgottens Rants

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I seem to be posting a great deal of rants that are taking up much thread space. So I think from here on out I will just post my rants here. To save space and others time. I don't know where else to put this so if there is a better place please post it.

Also please post the title of the rant you are responding too. While I only have one at first I might have many soon. I want to keep track of what people reply too

Distancing myself From People
So earlier on I said that I cannot trust women. Why because all women are out to ruin my life with claims of sex offense. So I decided that I can only trust females over the net, text is text. Over the net I cannot see women I cannot hear women and more over I cannot touch women. It is the safest possible scenario. How can I sexually harass a woman who is over 100 miles away from me? I can't text is just text. It has little meaning.

So on top of that decision I also found it nessicary to stop wearing womens clothes. I will give up this thing because it involves women. Maybe not directly but indirectly. And I cannot have that, I am not going to have anything to do with women in the physical relm. That said I will promptly stop wearing female clothes and get rid of all the female cloths that I have, not much luckily. That way females are not a part of my life in anyway.

Next is to distance from people, I am still wondering if a sudden change is in store or a subtle change. Right now I feel like a sudden change is the best. I don't know why really but I feel it is the best since it will force me to implement this policy right away, not that I would have any trouble doing it slowly. With that said I am going to need some new stuff. I was thinking a trench coat. To protect me from people walking down the street and such. For now my long cloths will do fine to protect me from everyday contact. As long as it does not get on my skin I will be fine. Though I will have to get rid of clothes that are touched to much or get other various body fluids on them, vomit blood sweat drool. And I will be sure to circulate my clothes regularly since people sweat all the time.

Next will be my deminor, I am not sure what I would have to change. Other than not looking at people. Mumbling will be key a quiet mumble for common greetings will be fine yes indeed it will. I will also have easy submission. If someone asks me to do something I will do it. If I cannot do something I will humbly apologize for my worthlessness and be on my way. Granted I will not do everything, I reserve the right to not do stuff I don't believe in. So if someone asks me to carry drugs or drink or fight I will refuse. I will only do stuff I am useful at. For some things if circumstances change I will be willing to submit. The key one being intercourse of course. I figure that when, if, I get fixed and cannot have kids I will like and let others perform intercourse on me. But this will not be standard really. If I get fixed I will get cracking on an outfit of sorts. One that will cover my body completely so as to not get any fluid on myself. Once the intercourse is done I will promptly burn the outfit and dip my body in bleach for 10 min followed by a scortching hot shower where I will scrub my skin vigerously, drawing blood. Then I will proceed to sleep in a different room. Once the individual leaves I will burn the sheets on the bed. I will be sure to get a plastic lining for the bed so that I will not have to burn the matress.

The next step is figuring out how to give off the image of someone who can easily be used. I don't want people to think that they are burdening me. But this is not something that I can figure out how to give off in my deminor. I need to figure out how to make people not feel bad about using me. How to make people see how little I value myself. I need to find a way... but I am not sure how just yet. Just like I am not sure how to make people see me as a stepping stool for their own agenda. The only ways I can see are being very agreeable, offering no challenge to them what so ever. The second way will be to do certian things with little questioning. Making sure I know what I am to do at minimum. But I am not sure how else to do it.....

Keep in mind I only mean to distance people who are physically around me not people over the net. As I said before cyberspace is the only safe place for me. I will be sure to have all my meaningful relationships online and strictly online. No meeting in the real world. This way my relationships remain simple and caring. Safe from people who might seek to hurt me.
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