The four levels of endarkenment....

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    The first level of endarkenment is when you start to notice patterns in your life and the lives of others that seem beyond the power of anyone to change and then you realise that life is nothing more than a pattern of change and that makes you feel like....

    The second level of endarkenment is entered as you become aware that "their" rules for your life (as well as your rules for their lives and your own) have been obliterated, become invalid. This can lead to a realm of fear and terror, a place rather like a very long nightmare, except in this place the most frightening thought is of waking up to....

    The third level of endarkenment is found where the meaning starts to drain out of every word, sentence, person and flower you have ever experienced or met, until you are left ina horrific, terrifying, empty wasteland of....of....waste. Every thing you encounter reminds you in painful detail of the burning thirst for pain....or pleasure, or just somthing better than this never ending desert that will soon become....

    The fourth level of endarkenment is a very quiet and still place, where you walk with numb feet through the softly glowing embers of the souls. Eventually you start to sink into the burning mire and sigh gratefully as it consumes you forever....

  2. Jesus Christ
    You've studied hard
    I got here by accident
    after studying light...
    and looking into the heart

    Here we both are in Gethsemane,
    whispering, begging

    "take this cup away from me..."

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