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The fuse is lit

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I wish my parent hadn't bred! Fu**** idiots. I hope your proud of this mess you raised like shit, or hardly at all as a matter of fact. Fat fucken drug addicts losers. You won't get my bowels when I die to even eat. The rest of the world (system) can give themselves a pat on the back for all the people who fall threw their cracks. I jump threw so many hoops kicking and screaming asking for help I tried to Do better then my parents I don't do drugs or drink but some how wound up with enemy of my own skin bipolar. I work, well try to till I fuck it all up. This is my last letter that will fade away into cyber space. I'm not even giving my parents the luggery of a written note I hope they blame themselves. It's over and I'm out! Thanks for the kind words I'm just hurting and struggling so bad that I can't even hear/feel what I use to when I'm doing good! Bleed it out!

wild rabbit

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hey, are you still there?

if you really want revenge on your parents the best thing to do is to walk away from them and enjoy life, dont ever take your lfe to show someone how they hurt you. What's the point, you wont see the result.

please, talk to us, tell us why you are so angry. what's happened?

waiting to hear xxxx
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