The Fyxe and the Wolf

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  1. alone he runs; fear and shame his only comforts
    what does he flee?
    faster his trot, jagged breath, labored heart
    what manner of wight tortures this creature
    the condemning memory of pain he inflicted
    the malice of his bite pon you neck
    the dream that haunts his mind

    cold of night, blight of night
    relentless to escape the cage he built
    forsake his sanity, discard all he cherished
    isolation shields him from his crimes
    his word, ravenous fang and curse
    his touch, rots your very flesh
    his love, key to demise

    the poison of his kiss, desolation to the fyxe he loves
    naught he can give her
    devoid of you, denial of his feelings
    the wolf runs to find purpose, in a trap
    in truth, there is no happy ending for spoken fell beast
    in the tales of men, a cursed dog, incapable of redemption
    in his last hunt, he will not find her, she who gave him meaning
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.