The Gatekeeper

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  1. No one special

    No one special New Member

    I walked a lonely path across a bleak and barren land
    Until I reached a place where a simple gateway stands
    The gate was a division between the lands of life and death
    And through it stood eternity should I take my final breath

    I stood there at the gateway, my spirit feeling low
    I knew that in my misery through the gate I had to go
    But in deep and silent shadows was a figure watching me
    As he stepped out of the darkness I saw he held a key

    ‘Why do you come here brother’ I heard the figure say
    ‘You do not belong here so turn back upon your way’
    ‘The key I guard so fiercely gives a choice that you can take
    Please return the way you came before it is too late’

    ‘I have traveled a long journey’ I then replied to him
    ‘So please will you unlock the gate and allow me to go in
    ‘I am so very weary of a world that’s been unkind
    Please let me pass so I can rest my tired, troubled mind’

    ‘I beg thee brother rest awhile and I’ll unlock the gate’
    For the next steps that you take will surely seal your fate’
    ‘For those that pass this gateway are never seen again’
    ‘I beg thee go no further and by my side remain’

    I know that you are weary, your soul is etched with pain and fear
    For I have walked beside you on the path that brought you here
    You lost me in the darkness but once you knew my name
    Please turn around and take my hand on the journey once again

    ‘I do not know you gatekeeper, I have never walked with you
    And now you have unlocked the gate, kindly let me through’
    ‘The light that I have lived in brought only pain and fear and hate
    And I long to rest in the darkness that lies beyond the gate’

    ‘Brother go no further’ he said with a voice so full of care
    ‘For this is the gate to Hades and I cannot enter there
    I cannot stop you passing but here I must remain
    My name is hope, please take my hand on the journey once again’

    And as we faced each other in that bleak and lonely place
    Between the realms of light and dark I did recall his face
    I knew that I had lost him as I walked the road to hell
    And as he grasped my hand once more I knew all would be well

    We turned around and left that place and walked into the light
    And I knew he was ever with me in the deepest, blackest night
    Even when I could not see him and thought that hope was gone
    He had followed me and gave my soul the strength to carry on

    So if you travel in the darkness on the journey to Hells gate
    And if you tremble in the gateway still it’s not too late
    To turn around and find your way back to the light again
    For in your journey through the darkness by your side hope still remains.
  2. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni

    THis is beautiful!! So lovely and hopeful!!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I shall read it often.:smile:


  3. ~CazzaAngel~

    ~CazzaAngel~ Staff Alumni

    What a lovely poem! :thumbup:

    Thank you for sharing it with us.

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