The Gift (For Emmanuel)

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  1. Humble servant
    Once observer
    Lover of the circles of life,
    I’m now ashamed
    having succumbed
    to too much strife
    I could not overcome
    And yet your powerful words of witness
    introduce cure to my weary soul’s illness
    Shame me as give me spark of hope
    You, battler of, as I possessed of the former.
    Oh that strength I once knew innately
    which I cannot find lately
    I find in the words of one who’s seen suffering.
    And it is that which I can relate to,
    even in my state;
    Not the bland platitudes
    of those who think they know the way
    but have never traveled down this road,
    have never carried a heavy load,
    yet think they have all answers for the besieged
    Oh courage, faith, and fortitude, why did they leave?
    But through your words,
    I want to believe
    Would you ever know
    what a gift it is
    to one in such need…

    Even as I struggle now
    your words give hope to me this hour;
    Even as I feel that I fail,
    you say that

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  2. Re: The Gift (For Emmanauel)

    thats beautiful you know?
    I love the last verse...
  3. theleastofthese

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    That's brilliant and beautiful and oh so wonderfully written.:eek:hmy: I read it aloud to myself and it's just...just...can't find the words.:eek:hmy: I love it!:smile: God, you're gifted!!:smile: :smile:


    least xoxoxox
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