'The Gift'

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    Darlene Lamb's infant grandson, Adam, died at less than 6mnths of age from sudden infant death syndrome.

    Tears are still quick to come into her eyes as she talks about Adam's sweetness; about how he was just starting to coo, laugh, and respond.

    As a volunteer for the Hospice in her area, she had experience with the grieving process, but never in a moment did she think she would be using her skills for herself and her family.

    Darlene was struggling with a depression that seemed to affect every area of her life. A friend invited her to a lake and they watched the sunset. She turned around and there in the sky, she saw a cloud in the form of an angel carrying a gift.

    As quickly as she could, Darlene took a photograph, she didn't realise at the time how this event would affect her life and the lives of many others forever.

    "Within moments, the wind had dispersed the clouds and the angel was gone"

    Darlene told no one for a while but then after the prints were developed, shown the photograph to her daughter who recognized the angel immediately and she said she thought "the gift" in the angel's hand looked like a baby.

    This deeply effected Darlene. She had been looking for comfort and appeared to have found it. "I thought, if Adam's soul can so quickly move on to his next adventure, surely I can somehow, with the same strength, move on with my life"

    Darlene aptly titled the image The Gift. Her hearts desire is to share The Gift with as many people as possible, hoping it will affect their lives as positively as it has her own.

    "Through Adam, and The Gift, I am sharing the spiritual wonderment with anyone who may be searching for answers, and for peace"

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    Thank you for sharing this Resistance. It is beautiful. :hug: