The girl I love problems... >.<

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    I really love her and miss her and I think she COULD love me too and we're really good friends now... BUT...

    She's across an ocean from me.
    She has a bf (she dun love him though).
    She dun lov me either.
    She dumped me and our connection has never been the same since.
    She's screwed up in many ways (like me so yay and KARP at the same time).
    If we get together again and break up it might ruin our friendship.

    I don't feel the same about anyone I know in the continent I live in, and I really want to have a love\sex life for once even if it's only with her. I'm moving to her continent in a few years and will visit every year until then.

    So am I completely crazy to be thinking about her or what?

    (sorry for some reason the thing went three times ><)
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