The gloves are off!!!!!!

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    I've had it with that worthless piece of sh** I call my older brother!! I mean, I have SERIOUSLY f***ing had it with him!! We were supposed to meet up with his ex in Newcastle tonight to go and see Slipknot, Machine Head and Children of Bodom, which I was looking forward to. Well earlier his phone was acting up when he was trying to get ahold of her to ask how much taxi fares would cost etc. He was being a bit of a sh** because his phone wouldn't work, so I offered to let him call her from mine. He asked whether or not I had enough credit since it's kind of a long distance call. I told him I didn't know, to which his only response was to scream at me to "GO AND FIND OUT!!!" I told him I didn't know how. (Yeah I've never had a mobile before so it's still kinda new to me) He of course stomped and whinged like a little b**** for me to go and find out on the internet and to stop relying on him to tell me everything and to do things for myself for once. Bit of an extreme reaction for someone who just wants to find out how to check his credit balance, so I let him know I wasn't having any of it. I told him he could f***ing speak to me like a human being or he could go f*** himself. So what does he do? He goes and throws a temper tantrum. The guy is 25 years old and to be frank - he's a f***ing child!!! He NEVER treats ANYONE with any respect or even TRIES to speak to them civilly! Yes! He's going through problems of his own but that's NO EXCUSE for his behaviour!! But...yeah....he obviously thinks that it's ok to treat me like s*** a soft touch.....I'm "too nice" to stand up to myself.....and it isn't just me, but he even spoke to his ex like s*** on the phone!!! He disgusts me!!! Well those two had a falling out and now because of him and his pig headedness, we don't have anywhere to stay tonight so needless to say, the gig's off.....great! That's my money gone to f***ing waste!!! Well you know what? THE GLOVES ARE OFF!!!! I WILL NOT STAND FOR ANYONE TREATING ME LIKE S*** ANYMORE!!!! I'VE TRIED TO SIT BACK AND TAKE IT LIKE MEDICINE!!! I'VE TRIED TO BE THE CALM "NICE GUY", BUT THAT'S OBVIOUSLY GOTTEN ME JACK S*** HASN'T IT?!!!! AND IF THAT FAT F*** THREATENS ME AGAIN THEN I WON'T HESITATE TO KNOCK HIS F***ING LIGHTS OUT!!!!!
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    Well done for standing up for yourself hun. You deserve to be treated better and with respect. He sounds really immature. The best thing you can do is just simply ignore him..he will get the hint, and may start treating you better. If he doesn't..well that will be his loss :hug: