The Gold Marvel

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    The City of Splendors calls to us,
    castle blazing on the horizon
    like a golden beacon of light,
    a siren song of wonder.

    Ancient halls of kings
    and soaring church towers
    shelter within walls
    of crenelated sentinels,
    surrounded by a moat
    of water clear and deep,

    reflecting quietly
    indigo skies above the road
    that takes us to Shambala,
    as the sun tucks itself in
    for it's twilight rest--
    just ahead
    a new dawn waits for us.

    We press on,
    racing over cobblestone
    with the wind at our back,
    as it gusts with promise,
    rippling the fields of heather,
    urging us on
    with an impatient sigh.

    A luminous jewel,
    the golden marvel twinkles,
    glowing like embers
    as torches crackle
    from a thousand sconces
    and fires warm the stone,

    pushing back
    the chill of night--
    a promise of sanctuary
    on a lonely plain
    where all are welcome.

    Search for us there
    on the king's highway,
    come take our hand
    and together we'll enter
    the machiolated gates
    of the City of Splendors,
    never to look back again.

    For the Amazing Photos contest on A better picture of the photo, Road to the Golden Marvel, is here:
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    Beautiful imagery in this poem! Great pic to go along with it :)
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    Thank you!
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