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The good side of life?

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my perspective.. from my core. from neither negative or positive, but inbetween. So i can percieve life from both sides, touch both sides, understand both sides.

What if someone made a choice? to see from the positive side. see the positive in every situation. if someone was thrown into a hell, and needed certain steps to move forward, and those steps were hell, they hurt, but this person saw the good in each step, and that was the focal point.

it wasnt about the negative hells it forced this person to go through, it was about the good in each step, what was to be achieved through this process.

I know, i learn alot from pain and suffering. a lot. perceptually it does something. its a form of a bounce. to move from neutral to a fixed position, would this person lose some of their perception?
could it be that this perception brought about by suffering, pain and anguish is still obtainable even from a positive position.

i worry that a positive position can numb a perception of what this life has, but i also worry that that perception is in turn not of what we truly are.
I need it to work otherwise i become blind to those who use it.

maybe its worth chooseing a side between positive and negative


elements of life can be positive negative and inbetween(neutral). .. being able to identify them and understand their capabilities. for positive, negative, or just flowing.

guess it comes to who u choose to be. maybe you dont have to lose your perception and understanding.

i know im kind of talking to myself. please jump in..

lost in space

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In the relative world of consciousness as we know it we experience life through dualities: Right/wrong, good/bad, night/day, up/down, positive/negative, before/after, ect., "this" experience is good/bad relative to a similar experience. We need this kind of thinking to get us through everyday life. But these experiences are impermanent. Happiness and sadness, positive and negative are impermanent states, just as all thoughts and feelings are. The mind is constantly fluctuating between the two opposites. A lot can be learned from suffering, and a lot can be learned from positive states of mind. So I guess my answer would be to go with the flow, learn from your suffering, and learn from your positive states of mind. Its not possible to constantly remain completly in one state all the time, although some people have a predisposition for one over the other.

There are levels of non-dual consciousness that can be experienced in meditative states, states that take us beyond our "ordinary" everyday mind.

So we are this dualistic sometime confusing/confused mind, and at the same time we are also pure unconditional consciousness of love, peace and joy.

And finally...the harder we try to push something away, the stronger we hold on to it.
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