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The Great Red Pyramid of Bullying

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by Hatshepsut, May 14, 2014.

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  1. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    The quoted post is from a different thread (Do You Dislike People?, #25, Soap Box forum). But it’s a hackle raiser. It’s all true.

    The macroeconomic grounds are that the cancer patient will soon die anyway. So, why spend money on taking care of her pain? Ditto for the elderly. No return, no investment. That’s the ethos of cutthroat capitalism. Sick media are best-sellers. Or, if treatment is provided in such cases because rulers fear a revolt, then microeconomic rationales will revolve about the profits health care firms can obtain by milking the social service system.

    Bullying in youth shows who’s tough. Who’s going to rise in this brutal world.

    Wielding levers of power requires willful and selective ignorance, shoving your policy through to enactment despite its harmful side effects.

    The only weakness I can see in Adam’s post is about society. Since society is composed solely of individual people, every person must have some part in the sorry state of civilization and the inability to rectify dire poverty versus gluttonous wealth and bring about some humanity. But then, maybe it’s just that societies are too large and complex now, so that normal human ambition becomes magnified into horrific, abusive power at the top. It could be a lot worse. We haven’t had the general thermonuclear war anticipated during much of the 20th century. I suspect time and luck are running out for the world, if these problems in basic human psychology aren’t better resolved.

    There are people who care, but even the benevolent cannot be wise enough to run the world singlehandedly. It’s also far from certain that true worldwide governance is possible, given the number of different cultures and languages. Therefore, the world operates like a tug-of-war between ants over a breadcrumb on the antpile.

    My conclusion holds that bullying is nearly the same on the global stage as it is in the schoolyard, or in the home. We never listened to Adolf Hitler’s shrieks when his dad was whipping him as a boy. I dunno.

    (Note: Adam's original is long—I kept wording and main idea as closely as space permits.) ..., :yield:
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  2. youRprecious!

    youRprecious! Antiquities Friend

    I agree with what you say about Hitler...... Carl Jung's philosophy which undergirded his psychological breakthroughs is that when there are formative issues in a person's psyche that have not found sufficient closure/integration, they have the potential to explode - given the impetus - from that place in the psyche - out into the exterior world. I know for a fact (I wish I didn't, personally) that this is true.....

    However, I still choose to believe that there is hope for humanity and this is because of the revelation found in Holy Scripture. I am not a Bible-basher (horrible, prejudiced term :)) - but I've come to trust the promises that God makes and doing so has healed, and continues to heal my life.

    The answer is simple, if enough people are willing to believe it and do the necessary - the solution has been provided, but humanity on a large scale has chosen to remain blind to it - and those who become enlightened seem to spend their time and energies going about things the wrong way in their learning (myself included) which is why the message doesn't appear to be believed very much. If we could take our minds and our vision off the subjective "I think, I want, I feel" etc. and trust the Truth that sets free (i.e. coming in from the outside) then humanity will find the salvation that has been provided for it. Big ask, I know......
  3. Forget2Trust

    Forget2Trust Active Member

    There are good and bad people in the world. Then there are those who fit neither category...Well, I'd sound quite Borderline if I only thought in black and white. Well, there are those who fight for people that are bullied. They're probably not good either, bullies themselves. There's always someone out there bigger and badder than you including your bully. Fight fire with something bigger than fire. Love, compassion? Hah. That's for later once the bullies have shrunk down to size. Let the bullies meet even bigger bullies, good and bad. You gotta learn to fight one day. Perhaps I'm mean. Perhaps I'll be kicked off this site, too. I'm being honest though. There IS a solution to bullying. You just have to understand how life works and get to know some people. Empathy does exist....even in those you think are incapable of such "under-standing".
  4. Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut Guest

    I like this part of what you have to say.

    Honesty is a big problem in mental health, substance abuse, and suicide. There's another post on this web site that contains the English language noun phrase, "people to whom you're being false." Boy is that true! There are always people whom we are lying to. By now you realize I'm full of baloney on this site. For instance, I'm a man, while Hatshepsut, who was King of ancient Egypt about 1470 BC, was female. I choose her as a screen name because although she was a woman, she assumed male iconography when on the throne--Egypt had no concept of a ruling queen.

    Choosing such an online avatar makes sense for someone who has been "punked" in more ways than one. I did specify "male" on my profile page here--but I'm wondering whether to ask the site to change my screen name and picture since I think some users are assuming that I'm a lady. I don't want to disturb anyone and I'm not really trying to impersonate womanhood identity.

    I'm putting some limits on my dishonesty here, although I'm not doing that in real life. I'm new but posting all over the place, which some forum oldtimers may find offensive. After all, it's best to "break into" a new forum gradually, by reading on it for several weeks first before posting anything other than a newcomer announcement. I don't think they're going to ban me.

    Also, I'm not diagnosed. I don't know about Schizophrenia or Borderline. Schizophrenia might be CIA drones and Borderline might be the clingy sort of pattern. I didn't think these sugar cubes dropped together in the same tea pot but I really don't know for sure. I never belittle these conditions--they are real and they are either difficult or impossible to treat effectively, at the current state of the art in health knowledge. When you put on my "friends" page section, I did try to locate and read some of your posts and replies on this site. The information I learned is too vague for me to understand or say anything helpful.

    I don't invest emotionally in online interaction. Nothing that appears here can hurt me. Even if someone jumped in with a personal attack, I have enough wits to expect that can happen online. Oddly, for such a massive forum, I see very few such attacks here. Another small expectation I have is that this site will run dry of funds and go off the air someday. The homeless forum I used to visit did this. It's because sites like this don't make money. Whoever started this circa 2004--perhaps "Robin" & Co.--did so as a labor of love. The founders or their successors put a lot of their own money in. vBulletin alone costs $250 & up per copy, and that's just initial pennies in the kettle. Commercial-grade Internet is about $325 monthly where I live.

    And they put lots of time in. I doubt anyone is drawing a salary off this place, unless it has an endowment from some plutocrat. If there are any salaries, they're probably small. I admit I haven't tried to examine them business-wise; I'm not good at business research. I say enjoy the blessing.

    Bullying in real life is a different matter. I don't see solutions to it. It still happens to me sometimes. Now that I live in a single-room building and don't drink or drug, it's less frequent. But I get intimidated and shake with the tiniest intimidations, like a big black neighbor who accuses me of running water even though the pipe is actually upstairs somewhere. But this person hasn't actually threatened or assaulted me yet. It's just his tone of voice when he complains, and the fact that he does drink, which I fear may make him get unstable at times. He's loud.

    There's the historical Hitler in my soapbox rant. Then there's lesser Hitlers who have influence or power. Then there's the micro-Hitlers, people just about as worthless and mousy as I am, but who are big and loud and think they can run the show and live like there was no one else living in their own environment and building.

    Bullies seem to pretty much have free reign in this world. Other folks shun or slide past them to avoid their verbal blows and sometimes their fists as well. But the small-time lout is so ubiquitous that no one will likely eliminate his antics any time soon. Bullying is just part of the ugly wallpaper of life.
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