The Grinch That Stole Cutting

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  1. wendolynmarie

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    I thought this might be something people could read to help stop the urges a bit. Hopefully it helps.

    The Grinch That Stole Cutting
    By: Anonymous

    The girls in the group all like cutting a lot
    But the Grinch, the leader of the group, she did not!

    She despised every form of self-mutilation
    No matter how upsetting the situation

    She said, "There is always a healthier choice.
    Here's a novel idea - why not use your voice?

    Perhaps if you talk about what is upsetting
    You can move on and you can start letting

    Go of the anger you carry with you
    And that's only one of the good things it will do!

    But if you're not ready to talk, that's ok
    Just find something distracting to get through the day.

    You can draw pictures or you can write letters
    Practically every decision is better!

    Now, I know that is easier said than it's done
    But I'm sure in the end you'll be happy you won

    This battle that must be a really tough fight
    Especially when you know it's not right."

    "But I like to cut! It makes me feel good!"
    "Honestly, child, I don't see how it could."

    "When you cut deep enough and you know it will scar
    You don't think about how miserable you are.

    It focuses your thoughts on anything but
    The pain deep inside that made you cut."

    "But child, cutting does not make the pain go away
    It just stores it up for a different day.

    A day when it may become too much to keep
    And then what will happen if you cut too deep?

    Accidents happen - you may go too far
    And then you won't get to enjoy your scar."

    If its stored up for later, I don't much care
    At the moment I cut I won't know that its there.

    And that is precisely what I want to achieve
    So just let me do it - I'm begging you! Please!

    "I've told you, no way, and I won't change my mind.
    I never have said that the Grinch was kind.

    So, I went home to pout and a week went by,
    And I wanted to cut 'cause I couldn't cry;

    I wanted to cut 'cause my mom made me mad
    I wanted to cut to stop feeling so sad!

    But that Grinch took my method of coping away
    And I never thought I could get through the days!

    Finally, time came to go back to the Grinch
    (And I was still hoping she might budge an inch).

    She asked, "So what's been happening with you?
    And I don't know how, but I started to spew

    Events and feelings and thoughts that I had
    And you know? It actually wasn't that bad!

    The words just kept flowing, I never even tried
    To stop them and stuff them back down inside!

    And the Grinch never laughed and I didn't feel dumb
    Like I thought that I would, so no need to run.

    No, I stayed and let go of the things that upset me
    And guess what? When I left I felt totally free!

    No negative thoughts to weigh myself down;
    No escaping to my head (since I can't skip town).

    No sickening thoughts of slicing my arm;
    No thoughts whatsoever of any self-harm.

    Now, if you're reading this and you're in a similar spot
    You might be thinking, "Cutting's all that I've got!

    There's simply no way that I can quit,"
    "But settle down, don't throw a fit.

    Believe me, that's what I thought, too
    But if I can do it, so can YOU!

    I'm not superwoman - I'm not very strong
    But I've only been making things worse all along

    Why continue a pattern someone else began
    And continue to hurt yourself? - instead take a stand!

    Tell those people that you're human, too
    And you have feelings just like they do.

    And make up your mind to get those feelings out
    Do whatever you must - whisper or shout.

    But don't ignore them 'cause they don't go away
    You just store them up as the Grinch would say.

    And they'll creep up behind you when you're not prepared
    And you never know if your life will be spared."

    I'm so thankful the Grinch looked out for me
    When I was just too sick to see

    What I was doing was unnecessary pain
    And now I can see that I have gained

    Respect for myself and my body and mind
    And to the world, I am no longer blind.

    I'm aware of what happens around me, BUT...
    I don't get involved, so I don't want to cut!

    So to those who self-mutilate and are reading this now
    I know it's not easy but I've showed you how

    And I hope that you might give this a try
    'Cause I know you are worth it and so am I.
  2. innocencexisxlove

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    we've had this on before.. but thanks for reposting.
  3. wendolynmarie

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    Sorry. I didn't know. >_<
  4. innocencexisxlove

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    its totally fine.
    like i said. thanks for reposting :hug:
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