The Guilty Pleasures Playlist!

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by RainbowChaser, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Basically just post the songs that you love (or make you feel like :wiggle: and :dance:), but you wouldn't normally tell anyone you had even heard of (or if you do tell them you feel all :shy: or like :hiding:)

    I'll start...

    "C'est La Vie" by B*Witched
    "The Bartender and the Thief" by The Stereophonics
    "Truth" by Toby Mac

    And now I've admitted that, I'm going into hiding for a bit.


    PS: No being nasty about anyone else's choices!
  2. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni


    Ok :hiding:

    Push the button by - Sugababes :shy:
    I feel good - James Brown
    Don't give a F*** and Still don't give a f*** - Emminem

    There's more but its tooooo embarassing (at least there's no Spice Girls on my comp) :laugh:
  3. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    *goes off to download :hiding:*
  4. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

  5. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    live this life- big and rich
    (hehe cant like country!)
  6. Wonderstuff

    Wonderstuff Staff Alumni

    Spice Girls, some of their early stuff...who can resist dancing to that? Also, 50 Cent - P.I.M.P. (because come on! You can't NOT.), The Cheeky Girls - The Cheeky Song, and Rangers supporters songs. Even though a lot of people would dislike me for that, lol. I have some being played by flute bands and stuff too. Stuff that is really weird and a bit embarrassing sometimes, but it's good going, and I like it :)
  7. Testify

    Testify Well-Known Member

    London-Lilly Allen.
  8. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    OMG I forgot Vindaloo!!!! :laugh:
  9. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    And I forgot "Wake Me Up Before You Go-go" by Wham! :eek:hmy:


  10. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    Oh shit I love that :eek:hmy: :shy:
  11. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Sorry :hiding:

    It just got a million times worse tho...

    If DJ Casper's "Cha Cha Slide" wasn't bad enough...
    ...or Damian's version of "The Time Warp" which is even worse...

    ...then the mix of the two together (known as "The Cha Cha Time Warp Slide") is something that I should have been shot for for finding today.

    *hides forever*
  12. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni

    tiptoes in :unsure: makes sure no one is about :unsure: and declares

  13. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    Funky Town - Lips Inc.


    I love the song...
    Doctor Jones
    Calling You
    My Oh My

    Spice girls too.
    And like, other stuff.
  15. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever heard of Steve Curtis Chapman? :unsure:

    No? :unsure:

    Good! :wiggle:

  16. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    All I know about Steve Curtis Chapman is he is a Christian music artist and thats it. Any good songs from him?
  17. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    Okay, this is embarressing as sin... :unsure:

    The one's I've got by him are:

    • Bring It On
    • Jesus is Life
    • Live Out Loud
    • Treasure of You


    PS: I can give you a whole list of Christian artists that people will never admit to listening to, especially in front of other Christians. And no-one ever admits to liking Christian rap either :eek:hmy:
  18. RainbowChaser

    RainbowChaser Well-Known Member

    "Doctor Jones" and "My Oh My" by Aqua :eek:hmy: I'd forgotten about them!

    Zebrahead covered "Barbie Girl" you know... :hiding:
  19. expressive_child

    expressive_child Well-Known Member

    OK Rainhowchaser, maybe I oughta check it out cos I am into great songs and I like all kinds of music so I think it should be ok! Thanks!
  20. sarahg

    sarahg Well-Known Member

    the birdy song and i dance tooooooooo help me lol
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