The Haiku Game

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    We used to play this in chemistry lab while we were waiting to use the spectrophotometer or for solutions to boil, and I thought it might be an interesting thing to pass along.

    The rules are simple. A haiku is a three line poem. Traditional haikus have very strict guidelines about syllables, but don't worry about it for this. Traditionally, the first and last lines are really short, while the middle line is long. It doesn't have to rhyme. Here's an example:

    Ruined city,
    Dusty in the winter sunshine,
    A single dead rose.

    Here's the game: the first person to post supplies the first line, the second person writes the second line, and a third person writes the last line and then copies the whole thing onto the end of their post so it can all be read together The next poster starts again with a new first line. It can be silly or serious, write whatever you want. :)

    I'll start the first one:

    Little cat sleeping
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.