The haven

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  1. antino

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    The haven

    On the very edge of life
    Lost and giving up to strive
    I cling to my last resort
    And anchor in thy port
    The shipwreck of my life

    Are you then the one who understands
    The ancient speech of foreign lands
    My heart uses to utter
    The story of this fetter

    For I am bound to a man
    Who I hate and I can
    Not chase him from my deck
    Without being a wreck.

    If then love is the child of hate
    And my voyage mere fate
    Let me then touch ground
    In the safe haven I found

    In your tender forgiving smile.
    And go with you a mile
    On this stable beach
    At last out of reach

    Of merciless ocean.
    The boat of old passion
    Will sail no more
    Even if the wind would roar.

    I leave him
    At water's rim
    At the dam I stand
    Of the promised land.
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Beautifully written hun
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